Régilait Milk Powder


Regime of Milk Régilait {Regi (Regime) + Lait (milk in french)} Régilait, household name in France, number 1 milk powder brand in France.  As France’s leading milk powder, Régilait constitutes 30% of France’s milk production – controls 30% of French milk production.  Established in 1947, with a strong a support of SODIAAL and LAITA  who are […]

Fresh Milk : Fun Recipes for the Family

REDUCE MILK WASTAGE AND ENJOY FRESH MILK WITH FUN RECIPES FOR THE FAMILY With increasingly small family nuclei and hectic schedules, having to finish up a carton of milk in a short period of time can be challenging.  The best and possibly the most economical solution would be to get two 1-litre cartons of fresh […]

No Bake Avocado Pie for Bubba!

I’m sure anybody knows that avocados are power fruits and they are packed with goodness, but how can we make our fussy eaters eat them? Avocados are pretty tasteless and bland, and I’ll have to admit I do not like to eat them. Well, until I found a way to make it into this super […]

Delicious Old Fashion Pancakes

I remember I must have been around 10 years old, when one morning my sister asked what I wanted for breakfast and I said pancakes. Being the good sister she was, she took out a box of pancake mix from the back of the kitchen cabinet, dusted it and took a good long look at […]

Velvety Scramble Eggs

Velvety and creamy is what scrambled eggs should taste like. I have always wanted to make scramble eggs like the ones in McDonald big breakfast and a few years ago I learnt it from my mom (of all people, my mom! She does not cook at home!) But this recipe from Gordon Ramsey that I […]

Philips Avent redesigns bottle after 29 years!

When I had my little one, I struggled to get her to feed from the bottle…no matter what brand of bottle I purchased, she knew that somehow it wasn’t quite her mama’s boob! In the end, I failed to find a fitting teat and resigned to the fact that there was only one thing that […]