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The single most important type of exercise for mothers.


Strength Training

I’m about to share a piece of advice that I provide to all my clients. I tell them if you have only one exercise to do during the whole week you should be doing some form of full body strength base exercise.

There is proper exercise that is beneficial for your longevity and there are fun activities that are disguised as exercise, Zumba for example I would categorise under fun and not really a proper form of exercise. For the most part, people will tend to fall in love with activities that are varied and somewhat fun. Strength training on the other is very simple and not the most fun as it can get quite intense.

However, strength means stronger muscles and muscles produce movement. We move throughout the day and without proper strengthening of your muscles your range of movement will decrease over time and you will be more prone to injury as you get older.

Most ladies will equate strength with bulking up but that is not the case. It is very difficult for ladies to bulk as they have only one tenth of the testosterone of men. The way I approach strength building is like taking your vitamins. Do it consistently to see results. You know it doesn’t taste good but you know that you are doing this for better health. Well, proper strength training will improve your overall health as your body gets stronger. Furthermore, a lean body with muscle will effectively burn more fat than a body with less muscle. Strength training is also a long term weight management program!

So do consider a strength program in your gym or with your personal trainer. Of course do get your doctor’s consent before embarking on the road to a stronger and fitter you.

If you have more questions regarding the type of exercise you should be doing please contact me at chris@selectivefitness.com

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