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Unicurd’s Black Treasures

Black Soybean Tau Kwa, $2.20

One of the superfoods I love is soy and the health benefits are plentiful:

  • Soy lower triglyceride and low density lipoproteins (LDL), and raise the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL), which is great for those with history of heart disease
  • Low-fat and low-sugar properties are super diet-friendly, especially for Mamas in getting back to pre-baby shape.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids protect your blood vessels from lesions and hemorrhage, plus improve the flexible of blood vessels and become more resilient to blood pressure changes.
  • Soy prevents testosterone cancer with its high levels of phytoestrogen, a unique plant hormone that restricts the production of testosterone in men.
  • Some say soy can even help with menopausal symptoms!
  • You can even prevent osteoporosis as the phytoestrogen in soy can help the absorption of calcium too. Don’t forget your Vitamin D as well.
Black Soybean Tofu, $1.50
Black Soybean Tofu, $1.50

The only soy products to go for are the ones made with Non-Genetically Modified (GMO) soybeans! And you can trust local brand, Unicurd, to use only Brazilian non-GMO beans. What’s unique about their black treasures is that they’re made from black soybeans. These contain 25% more calcium than regular soybean and higher levels of antioxidants which may lower risks of cancer.

You may have been expecting these soy products to look as black as squid ink (I sure did!), but the colour was a surprising greyish-blue. It’s the dark pigment, which contains anthocyanin, in these little guys that gives that extra punch of antioxidants. As as avid fan of soy products, I fell in love with Unicurd’s Black Soybean Tofu ($1.50) and Black Soybean Tau Kwa ($2.20) the moment I tasted it. The flavour is incredibly robust, yet pleasing, while a hint of roasted sesame lingers on the palate.

Black Soybean Tau Kwa, $2.20
Black Soybean Tau Kwa, $2.20

Bubbas can enjoy the goodness of black soybeans, by having some steamed Black Soybean Tofu added into their porridge or rice. For Bubbas ready for more textured foods, add steamed cubed Black Soybean Tau Kwa instead.

We have some recipes for you created by Chef John See of The Food Dot. Plus, there’ll be a three-minute dessert recipe from yours truly as well. Let’s stock up on Unicurd’s Black Soybean Tofu and Black Soybean Tau Kwa to cook up a delectable feast! Stay tuned for recipes to come.

Unicurd’s Black Soybean Tofu and Black Soybean Tau Kwa are “Halal” certified and labelled with the “Healthier Choice”. These are available at NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Shiong or Cold Storage.

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