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Unveil the Youthfulness in Your Eyes with the NEW BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum

BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Serum

The eyes are the windows to the soul. There are a lot of things you can tell about a person just by looking at them directly in the eye their current emotion, state of mind, or even whether they’re focused on the conversation at hand.

However, our eyes could also reveal more than what we would want the world to know our eye contours are most often, the first to reveal the signs of premature ageing. This is because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the face (at 0.5mm thick), and has less sebaceous glands, and is, therefore, more susceptible to dehydration, environmental aggressors and the natural ageing process. Prolonged screen time on electronic devices and frequent blinking can also exacerbate premature ageing in the eye contours.

Over time, fine lines start to appear and deeper wrinkles under the eyes gradually form. Increased skin laxity and poorer blood circulation can also cause sagging undereye contours, hyper-pigmentation and puffy eyes.

Waking up with dark circles or puffy eyelids in the morning can dampen one’s day, and it’s best to remedy these through proper eye care, and with the help of the right products. To know which is the best eye serum for you, you’ll have to check the ingredients so you’ll know what will work with your skin type. You can also look to the eye serum reviews out there, but we’ve also prepared our own review here, so you’re better informed.

The Game-changing Eye Care Formulation

eye serum for dark circles and puffy eyes

BSKIN understands that no one likes wrinkles under the eyes, rough skin, dark circles or puffy eyelids in the morning. They also know that in order to address these, the eye serum has to work on multiple layers of the skin to give you those youthful-looking peepers.

The new BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum is the ultimate eye care solution for fresher, firmer and more youthful-looking eye contours. A carefully curated cocktail of potent, clinically-proven active ingredients such as Adenosine, 4 different types of peptides, Niacinamide and Sea Daffodil extract target signs of ageing in the most delicate area of the face: skin laxity, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes, pigmentation, dryness and dark circles.

The eye serum is also infused with the brand’s proprietary B2O complex – an exclusive complex of bee-based ingredients such as natural extracts of Honey, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen and Jeju Spring Water – to soothe, protect and strengthen skin.

The innovative, lightweight gel-serum formulation penetrates quickly into the skin and ‘wraps’ around the delicate eye area to maintain skin hydration and suppleness throughout the day and night. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and does not clog pores or cause milia seeds to form.

The Key Benefits of BSKIN’s Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum

BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Serum perks up your peepers in four ways:

Erases Dark Circles and Pigmentation

Through the key active ingredients Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 derivative), Haloxyl and Sea Daffodil extract (Pancratium Maritimum), BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Serum inhibits excess melanin production to prevent the formation of dark circles and pigmentation, revealing a more even skin tone around the eye contours.

Reverses Signs of Ageing

BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Serum stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, plumping the skin from within to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. With Adenosine and 4 different peptides, the product also improves the skin’s resilience to protect it against external aggressors.

Decongests and Reduces Puffy Eyes

Aloe Vera, another key active, helps rejuvenate the skin to diminish the appearance of puffy eyes and signs of fatigue.

Prevents Skin Dryness

BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Serum wraps the delicate under-eye skin with an innovative aqua layer (Glycosyl Trehalose and Betaine) for long-lasting hydration to keep eye contours smooth and supple.

Clinically-proven Results

In a clinical study, it was proven that BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Serum helps reduce wrinkles by 90% — the participants reported reduced wrinkle depth by 45% and the number of wrinkles by 49%. All of the test subjects also noted less roughness on their skin, with 91% of them saying they have firmer and more supple skin.

How to Use  BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Serum

On a clean face, apply the serum around the contours of the eye. Gently dot along the under-eye area with your fingers until absorbed into the skin. For an extra soothing effect, chill the eye serum in the fridge before application.

Our Review

Resident skincare junkie Auntie Amanda checks in to give her unbiased review of BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum. After religiously using the eye gel day and night for a month, here’s what she has to say:

Absorption & Texture

BSKIN Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum has super fast penetration — however, note that my skin leans towards dry and ageing, hence absorption could be subjective depending on skin type.

It’s also super lightweight, which is likely why the gel is able to penetrate the eye area much faster. Due to the texture of this eye serum, I would expect that even sensitive or tender skin can use this gel in Singapore’s humid weather without inhibition. Most likely it would not clog pores or cause milia seeds to form below the eye area.


I would personally give a 9/10 for hydration for this serum. A definite keeper, especially since the long-lasting hydration properties, is able to keep my eye contours smooth and supple even throughout the night, sleeping with the air-conditioner turned on all night long!

A small tip from Auntie Amanda (who is also a cosmetics junkie):  After you have finished applying your makeup, gently dab on just a teeny bit of the eye gel below the eyes before you leave home…and voila! You will achieve a soft dewy and smooth look — definitely helps soften out the fine lines under the eyes!

Anti-ageing Effectiveness

Okay, so the power cocktail of potent and active ingredients such as Adenosine, 4 different types of peptides, Niacinamide and Sea daffodil promises to target signs of ageing for your peepers. Although I did not notice much obvious improvement to my wrinkles or pigmentation, I do need to give this power serum credits for obvious reduction of dark eye rings.


I simply love how natural and fresh this eye gel smells. The subtle light whiffs of gentle sweetness can be so therapeutic. I researched this product only to realise that the serum is also infused with an exclusive complex of bee-based ingredients such as natural extracts of Honey, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen and even Jeju Spring Water. Oh my my, I’m feeling so royal every day!

No More Puffy Eyelids in the Morning

Now, so I left this last because this is simply the best power effect of this product: say goodbye to bloated eyelids and welcome bright, non-puffy eyes! And if you were wondering….yes!!!!

Even if you have partied too much and slept for only a wink or two, this serum is here to your rescue! You can literally bid water retention on the eyes farewell! A super big tip though, you will have to refrigerate the bottle and apply the serum icy cold both at night and in the morning!

Works like magic for me, hope it does for you too!

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