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Painful nicks, stings and unsightly redness and bumps are the most common side effects that women, and men, have to suffer with for the sake of hair removal. Not any more! With Qi Mantra’s advanced VPL hair removal treatment, individuals undergo a comfortable and effective 60-minute hair removal process specially customised for their hair texture and skin colour.

How does Variable Pulse Light (VPL) work?

Variable Pulse Light (VPL) technology is an advanced version of the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) where the pulses of light emitted are varied across different wavelengths that are preferentially absorbed dependent on the individual’s skin structures.

Each light pulse comprises a sequence of rapid, shorter pulses to ensure more controlled absorption whilst minimising heating of the surrounding skin which allows for a greater range of hair and skin types to be safely and effectively treated than was previously possible with IPL treatments.

Additionally, Qi Mantra’s VPL system comes specially equipped with various hand-pieces that can be adjusted to suit different areas, needs and conditions.

For rejuvenation, various structures in the skin absorb this light and improve the damage caused by ageing and the sun. This can be used for improving specific conditions or as part of an ongoing skin-care programme.

The new VPL hair removal treatment is able to effectively target various areas of the body – including Brazilian, upper body, lower body, and face – so customers can bid farewell to stubble and ingrown-hairs, while at the same time experience rejuvenated skin with a luminous elixir-effect.

Benefits from the Qi Mantra’s VPL hair removal treatment include:

– Significant and long term hair reduction
– Visibly-improved skin texture with reduction of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles
– Reduce acne scars and help in reversing signs of sun damage
– A brighter complexion
A package of six sessions is essential for the first stage of hair removal, where each session will be conducted every four to six weeks. To continuously enjoy hair-free skin, individuals are encouraged to continue with a maintenance package that consists of six sessions held once every six to eight weeks. Hair growth can be permanently reduced through long term VPL maintenance.

Process – Safe, comfortable and effective, Qi Mantra puts you at ease

A cool gel is applied on the individual’s skin to minimize the warm sensation experienced from the pulses of light emitted. A few rounds of variable light pulses are then carried out to treat targeted hair growth areas.

PROMOTION : For the month of March and April 2015, Qi Mantra’s Variable Pulse Light (VPL) hair removal treatment is priced at SGD1,800++ for six sessions of Brazilian (usual price: SGD2,880), and is available at all Qi Mantra outlets.


VPL hair removal treatment is the latest service to be added to Qi Mantra’s extensive list of beauty services.  Experience traditional beauty methods, such as Gua Sha Facial as well as advanced technological treatments such as the O2 Bubble Facial at Qi Mantra Wheelock Place, Raffles City, Great World City and Holland Village.

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