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Wednesday Bubba Tips: Going Organic


USDAbagsWhy organic? I was reading an article about how children are more vulnerable to health and developmental damage from their foods and environment because of their smaller size and high metablism.   I kinda panicked (kiasu parent as usual) a little and realised that I can (and so CAN YOU) avoid those damages by choosing organic food (as much as WE can) for Bubba.

How to ‘ORGANICTISE’?  I found out products bearing the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Organic seal contains at least 95% organically produced ingredients- value for money and Bubba receives the best. USDA organic products are readily available in local supermarkets like Fairprice Finest, Cold Storage, Brown Rice Paradise and Four Seasons Organic Market– convenient isn’t it?

Transformation Tips

  1. Start with the favourite foods– your children wouldn’t even notice you switched to organic when their focus is on the FOOD and not the ORGANIC VERSION of the FOOD (hence it is easier to make the switch).
  2. Substitute organic for food with pesticide high levels– top organic foods from this category to consider the switch includes avocadoes, bananas, pears, broccoli, peas, carrot and sweet potatoes.
  3. Choose organic to avoid meat and diary packed with artificial hormones– animals are often given growth hormones to accelerate their growth and to increase production of milk and eggs- these food may increase your child’s risk of exposure to drug-resistant bacteria (as well as to effects linked to synthetic hormone use).

Being assured that the organic diet is healthier lifestyle, I know for sure Bubba will grow up healthy.  So what is your food choice?

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