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Your Guide to the Science Centre Events this May

Snow City Science Centre events

This May, Science Centre Singapore presents a myriad of opportunities for STEM learning beyond the classroom!

Among the Science Centre events is a crash course on coding and its real-world application — young coders can flex their knowledge of the programming language by taking part in the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge. As part of the course, they’ll be putting their newly acquired skills to the test at the Coder Z Coding Challenge. 

On Mother’s Day, young learners and their leading ladies can enjoy a moment to remember at Let’s Get Bee-zzy. Learn about the uses and benefits of honey, concoct a fizzy dry ice honey lemon drink, make a beeswax candle, and preserve precious memories with a pebble bee photo stand.

Then, welcome the June holidays with another series of Science Centre events which includes the signature mass escape game – Panic! At the Museum and race against time to restore the missing pieces at the Da Vinci museum before the characters come alive to trap guests in their place forever! Science Centre tickets also include admission to the upcoming blockbuster exhibition, Da Vinci the Exhibition. 

Here’s more information about the Science Centre events for May:

1. Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

little girl using computer during one of Science Centre events

Learn to code and develop computational thinking with the help of CoderZ learning tool – a friendly and engaging learning tool that makes robotics and programming accessible to everyone.

Open to primary and secondary school students aged 9 to 16  years old, the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge programme consists of two parts –

Onboarding Introductory Programme

Register for the onsite introductory workshops on either 7 (for  primary school students) or 14 May 2021 (for secondary school  students), 3 pm – 4 pm, where you will be taught the basics of coding and its real-world application.

Coder Z Coding Challenge

After the Onboarding Introductory Programme, students who are keen to put their acquired computing knowledge to the test may proceed to register for the CoderZ Coding Challenge – an online competition with Primary Category (9 to 12 years old) and  Secondary Category (13 to 16 years old) that is scheduled to be held in September. Prior to the competition, an online training session or a refresher course will be conducted for students who have taken part in the onboarding programme.

2. Informal Science Public Programmes

Learn about space, planets and the origins of the world with our exciting series of public programmes and Science Centre events for the entire family! 

The Friendship of Sun, Earth and Moon

15 OR 22 May 2021, 10am – 12pm 

Another cycle has passed and the blood moon is returning. Equip yourself with tools to view the moon and the lunar eclipse at your favourite spot and at your own time! If the weather permits, you can enjoy the view of the other heavenly body – the Sun – at  Science Centre Observatory too!

DNA & Family Traits

24 Jul 2021, 10am – 12pm 

Join Science Educators as they uncover the secret recipe of life! Learn to extract DNA from cells and build your very own DNA  model. This is a perfect opportunity for families to learn the role of  DNA in their lives as well as the different traits that we commonly share.


21 Aug 2021, 10am – 12pm 

Learn more about plants and take home a terrarium, a self-sustaining mini-ecosystem in this interactive family programme!  You and your child will get to conduct the celery xylem demonstration, view stomata through the microscope and build your very own terrarium.

World of Spectra

11 Sep 2021, 10am – 12pm 

Much of our understanding of the world originates from investigating visible light. In this workshop, you get to assemble your own laser-cut spectroscope and use it to explore the surprising variety in the composition of light from common sources. It’s one of the Science Centre events to look forward to, as this workshop aims to cultivate an interest in using basic physical phenomena as tools for scientific exploration. 

Crash Course Astronomy

9 OR 16 Oct 2021, 7pm – 9pm 

Ever wanted to know more about our celestial neighbours?  Together with your child, register for our astronomy workshop and learn more about the sun, moon and other planets in the solar system. End the night with a telescopic view of the planets in the night sky! You will get to make & bring home your own sundial and planisphere too.

Young Physicist

6 Nov 2021, 9.30am – 1pm 

Explore physics through various hands-on activities and projects in this immersive, small group session with your own Curious  Physicist kit. The programme includes a 15-minute break and refreshment.

3. Let’s Get Bee-zzy!

Science Centre events poster for Let's Get Beezy

Where does honey come from? This Mother’s Day, together with your kid, bee thrilled by the various uses and benefits of honey!  Highlights include concocting a fizzy dry-iced honey lemon drink,  making beeswax candles and preserving your memories with a  Pebble bee photo stand.

4. Tech Funday – Soccer Tournament

Enhance your child’s computational thinking and problem-solving skills with another one of the Science Centre events for May: Tech Funday – Soccer Tournament activity. Take part in a mini soccer tournament with a tech toy, and find out if you are the best striker in KidsSTOP™ using the tap-to-code technique.

Science Centre Events for the School Holidays

1. Brain Fest 2021

Science Centre Singapore’s signature mass escape game is back this year with a brand new theme! Join us as we Panic! At the  Museum and race against time to restore the missing pieces at the Da Vinci museum before the characters come alive to trap us in their place… forever! 

Science Centre tickets include admission to our upcoming blockbuster exhibition,  Da Vinci the Exhibition, where you will get to marvel at 50 life-sized displays that showcase Leonardo Da Vinci’s astounding achievements in art, engineering, flight and more.

2. Truly Madly Science Camps 2021

For parents looking for playcation packages, you may want to consider Science centre events like this one.  From learning to survive in the wild to playing popular video games, building interesting machines and conducting science experiments, the Science Centre Singapore’s Truly Madly  Science Camps are back by popular demand! 

Bringing real-world science to life through exciting experiences,  the camps provide an interactive learning environment for children aged 10 to 12 years old to grasp new science concepts. 

Sign up for the Truly Madly Science Lite this June school holidays to experience the best of all four camps – Survive on Science,  Serious Gaming Camp, Engineering Camp and Chemistry  Camp – all bundled into a week of fun-filled activities!

3. Wildlife Wanderer

Kayak away and discover the diverse flora and fauna found around the Jurong Lake Gardens using binoculars and a microscope. Plus, you will get to make your very own paper pocket microscope!

4. I Am A Young Geospatial Scientist Online Workshop

What is geospatial science? Come find out in this new online workshop where you will – 

  • Explore navigational tools;
  • Learn to read maps;
  • Locate points of interest; and
  • Earn a Young Geospatial Scientist Badge and Certificate

Brought to you by Science Centre Singapore in collaboration with  Singapore Land Authority, this online workshop is designed especially for primary school students. Kids below 9 years old will need parental guidance.

5. Fashion Ball Party

Science Centre events poster for Fashion Ball Party

Calling all young budding fashion designers! Join Science Centre Singapore for a hands-on experience (that may also be helpful in teaching kids about money) at this magical holiday as we create stunning evening costumes for a  ball party using electroluminescent (EL) strips, beautiful resins and recycled materials.

6. The Giant Turnip

Join Science Centre Singapore this school holidays and relive the story of the Giant Turnip as we harvest and prepare a scrumptious turnip feast! Kids will get to make their very own reusable food wrap and bring home a  mini planter of their own. 

Slots for 10 June 2021 are sold out as of 28 April 2021. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Science Centre events website for further updates.

7. Little Red Riding Hood

Help Little Red Riding Hood escape from the Big Bad Wolf in this fun upcycling workshop. Kids will get to design and create new items including their very own T-Shirt bag!

8. Jo and The Beanstalk

Fee-fi-fo-fum! Is everyone ready to have some fun? Join Jo as she learns more about the life cycle of a plant in her exciting adventure up the magical beanstalk. Have a sweet tooth? You’re in luck because you’ll get to make a delicious flower pot dessert in this workshop too!

For more information on the Science Centre events, ticketing and schedule, visit their website today.

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