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BeautyMaker Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Official Launch in Singapore

Most Asian ladies (mums included) encounter terrifying make-up boohoos due to the sweltering heat, stuffy weather, and other inevitable elements that cause our pores to expand and unavoidably create an oily sheen across our faces before the end of the day. Touching up the the midst of a busy mummy schedule can be a b**tch.

Wait no more – as we introduce you to an across-the-board remedy to save your skin (and your ‘on fleek’ make-up) from the unforgiving heat!

One thing we love about Asian-manufactured make-up products in general: skincare properties are infused meticulously in the products – achieving the 2-in-1 skincare and make-up simultaneously.

With 20 years of expertise in the Taiwanese Beauty industry, Kevin Teacher – more known for his collaboration with Chanel, Dior, SKII, as well as his regular guest appearances in Taiwanese beauty shows “女人我最大” is proud to present his brainchild – BeautyMaker.

We are very honoured to get up-close and personal with Kevin Teacher as he shared with us to more about the products that would be premiering exclusively in the Singapore’s launch!


We thoroughly fell in love with the Limited Edition Matte Cushion Foundation, retailing at $38.00 (Special Launch Price $28.90) for its cute cartoon character – KerKer. As the bestseller of BeautyMaker, the 8-in-1 Matte Cushion Foundation boosts 8 skincare properties: Moisturising, Oil-Control, Conceal, Long Lasting, Tightening, Astringent, Conditioning, and Soothing.


A notable mention is Bye Bye Oil, a compact press powder with maximum oil control, retailing at $25.90. With a cotton-candy like finish, females will no longer have to worry about the blotchy, uneven residue all over your face after long-term exposure under the sun. This press powder literally, and we mean LITERALLY, works like cotton candy that dissipates under the blazing heat. Does not clog the skin at all. Bring it along everywhere you go for a fuss-free touch-up.


Besides the products featured at the launch, Kevin Teacher also shared with us some very useful tips for skincare. Ladies, start taking notes!

  1. Taking care of your skin is not difficult – Consistency is Key
    Instead of standing in front of the mirror and manually popping the stubborn blackheads and pimples, understand the root of the problem. That are many factors that would have a cumulative result on your skin i.e. irregular sleep patterns, unhealthy dietary habits. A small tweak in your lifestyle would go a long way for your complexion and before you know it, you are ready to welcome a healthy, natural glow.
  2. Oil-based or Water-based Products? Find out what your skin-type is
    Has your skin been oily and spotty since the day your puberty started? Then your skin-type is a straightforward oil-based. And the skincare products should also be straightforward water-based.

On the other hand, females who have rare breakouts throughout the course of puberty (lucky you) – yet the skin still produces an oily sheen, the skin-type here will be dry/combination. For females like this, it is recommended to use oil-based skincare regime at night to completely moisturize the skin so as to minimize the chances of emitting a surface of oil (fun fact: the skin does that as a self-protection mechanism).

BeautyMaker products are now available at selected Watsons stores including Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, Suntec City, and Jurong Point. This will be followed by Compass One and JEM at the end of August. BeautyMaker products are also available online at beautymaker.com.sg.

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