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3 Skin Barrier-Friendly Makeup Brands You Should Try

makeup products that are good for skincare

With so many beauty and skincare products in the market, it’s so easy to get lost in all these choices some products may offer to protect, others to rejuvenate, while some others promise the best hydration for your skin.

The same is true when it comes to makeup products. There are so many brands to choose from, and aside from enhancing the colour and appearance of our skin, most of them have these advanced benefits to offer.

Nowadays, foundations are a far cry from the cakey, powdery and flakey formula of old. Most of them now come with an SPF and hydration technology along with their long-lasting coverage formula. Likewise, it’s no longer enough for lipsticks to just provide an interesting colour or shimmer to your lips some of them have protective antioxidants to keep your lips soft and smooth for long hours.

That said, it’s best to know the essentials when rounding up your makeup choices. When it all comes down to the basics, you would want to keep your skin as healthy as possible, and just enhance this natural glow with your makeup products.

We may not think much of our skin, but this part of our body should definitely not be taken for granted. From keeping the environmental toxins and pathogens out to preventing water inside your body from evaporating (helping you avoid dehydration), your skin does so much for you. Therefore, we should consider our skincare choices well in order to protect this very important part of our body.

What is the skin barrier and why do we have it?

What we consider as our skin may technically be just the skin barrier. In essence, the skin is made up of layers. The outermost layer of skin cells (also called the stratum corneum) along with the lipid matrix (the ceramides, ceramides, cholesterols and fatty acids that holds those cells together) comprise the skin barrier.

The skin barrier is our first line of defence against irritants and harmful microbes. It is also responsible for maintaining our skin’s softness, firmness and hydration.

What happens when my skin barrier is damaged?

As we go through our everyday routine, our skin is confronted by a lot of threats, both from inside and outside the body. An overly dry or humid environment, too much exposure to sunlight, harsh chemicals from skincare products, and even over-exfoliation can wreak havoc on your skin barrier. On the other hand, internal factors, such as psychological distress and genetics may also lead to various skin problems, including atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

When the skin barrier is damaged, you may notice that the skin becomes itchy, dry and scaly. Rough patches may appear or you may experience sensitive or inflamed areas on the skin. The presence of acne, bacterial, viral, or fungal skin infections could also signal that the skin barrier is already having trouble protecting you from harmful external threats.

Skincare tips to protect your skin barrier

Simplifying your skincare routine is key. For sure, you wouldn’t want to be inadvertently weakening your skin barrier with a wide variety of skincare and makeup products.

It’s also important to keep your skin moisturised. So why not take some time to review the ingredients of the products in your dresser or makeup kit? Plant oils (such as jojoba, coconut and almond),  pseudo-ceramides, hyaluronic acid, petrolatum, and glycerin are among those that can be helpful in keeping your skin well-hydrated.

Skincare experts also suggest paying attention to the pH of the products you are using. Keep in mind that our skin barrier is slightly acidic. This is what makes it effective against harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could bring damage to our skin. As much as possible, we should choose products that are close to our skin’s natural pH (around 5.7).

Skin barrier-friendly makeup brands you should try

Thankfully, there are several makeup brands that understand the needs of our skin barrier. Here are 3 of them:

Kao and the ‘Fine Fibre’ Makeup Technology

Sensai ‘Fine Fibre’ Technology Products from Kao Corporation

Earlier this month, Japanese makeup brand Kao launched a line of products from its ‘fine fibre’ technology.  This technology is all about creating a very thin (and invisible) layer of moisture film on the skin, acting as a barrier to keep the skin hydrated. By doing so, it would be easier for our skin to retain the makeup products and lock in moisture, all the while allowing the skin to breathe.

With these recently released nighttime skincare treatment products, both est and Sensai will offer an essence, a ‘veil potion’ and a diffuser. In addition, Kao is planning to develop makeup products using this same technology in the near future.

The est items will be made available in international markets, including Singapore beginning early next year. The skincare products under Sensai brand, on the other hand, will be launched to European and Middle Eastern markets by February.

IT Cosmetics and the Foundation for Better Skin

Your Skin But Better Foundation by IT Cosmetics

One thing’s certain: IT Cosmetics understands the value of hydration. This makeup brand from the US takes pride in their Your Skin But Better Foundation, which instantly hydrates and smoothens the look of your skin. It does so through the skin-loving ingredients infused in this makeup product like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract. Aside from these, the foundation contains vitamins E and B5 which help moisturise the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

If you are concerned about finding the right shade, fret not. With 40 true-to-skin shades, you’re bound to find the perfect one for you.

Ange Gardien Paris

Ange Gardien Paris, an artisanal French perfume and beauty brand, has just unveiled their all-new line of makeup that has been thoughtfully formulated for the Asian woman in mind. Their proprietary Thriving ThreeTM Methodology, which has been painstakingly researched and tested, provides their makeup products with hydrating benefits, skin barrier care, as well as general skin well-being.

Their Paris Velvet Clouds Lipsticks ($42) have been formulated with Acacia Peptides to nourish the lips from within. The HydractiveTM technology, specially developed for this makeup range, uses hydrolysed acacia seed proteins that enable the lipsticks to have moisture-locking and skin barrier-protecting capabilities.

Velvet Cloud Lipstick – First Love by Ange Gardien Paris

Meanwhile, the Vitamins Showtime Eye Palette ($78), infused with sunflower seed oil, is more than meets the eye with its antioxidant and skin moisturisation benefits. In addition, Ange Gardien Paris’ unique cushion foundation duo ($80) features a handy HD pressed powder that addresses oily skin and provides sebum control for humid tropical weather.

Choose for your skin barrier

Ultimately, you have a wide array of choices when it comes to makeup products. There’s also an abundance of sources for skincare tips out there that you may find yourself overwhelmed with advice. With these 3 makeup brands, you can make wiser decisions as you put the well-being of your skin barrier first the next time you go makeup shopping.

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