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30 Sexy Years with Guess


ElaineSerena & I went to the Guess event held at Keppel Distripark Warehouse.  Guess celebrated 30 sexy years this year and it showcased it’s past models- Anna Nicole Smith, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and others famous models- and also FW2013 collection.

We were greeted by the leggy models
This is could be the key to $1, 000 worth of Guess vouchers?

As we giving our names at the door, we were all given a key to unlock the mystery gift.  At the back of my mind I was hoping that it is a lifetime supply of Guess Jeans every month- Guess is famed for it’s flattering jeans. How great if I could win that huh? *Sigh* but my key failed me and I couldn’t unlock the padlocks 🙁 So we proceed to make ourselves at home to get ready to watch the much awaited fashion show.

The show started wuth repercussionists drumming on the water drums.  This is the only time, I don’t want front row seats to avoid getting all drenched.

Guess collaboration with Paul Van Dyke: The Clubbing Range

One for the road before we take off
What’s in the goodie bag?
What’s in the goodie bag?

We all left with a Guess Denim Bag which contained a pair of headphones, a bag organiser, a notebook, a miniature perfume, a cushion, pocket mirror and a badge.  I dismantled the bag and gave everything to my 3 nieces and nephew- who were more than happy to receive the gifts.  The gift that Serena and I want to get for oursleves is that hip flattering skinny jeans from Guess 😉

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