Getting ready for Great Eastern Run 2012

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ASICS Gel Foundation 10: my new shoe

Some of you may have read in my post couple of weeks ago that my running shoes gave way when I was running in the rain.  After some research and advice from friends, I finally decided to get an Asics Gel Foundation 10 running shoes.  I had my feet measure with a Bronnock device for the right fit at the Asics store in Marina Square (near my office).  When I was trying out this shoe, I m convinced that it is made for people like me with totally no arch- flat feet.  It felt very comfortable and it wrapped my flat feet like no other running shoes could.  I always believed that running in the right shoe is very important because it is both crucial to performance and our postures.

GE run 2012

The most important part of the running is sorted and it was getting ready for the actual run.  The race pack with all the goodies and the bag was collected ahead of time and it gave us a mental headstart to what we are going to expect at the run.

Things to prepare for the run:

  1. right running shoes- for me its my Asics
  2. right running gear- good support sports bra, dri fit shorts, race bib and top
  3. be hydrated
  4. be fed- a toast as advice by Threez
  5. Towel
  6. music- optional


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