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My Obsession with Scents

I have been known among my close friends to have a keen sense of scents.  At times, it can work against me especially when we are in the train- I could sniff out unpleasant scents easily like a dog.  There are also times when it drives me crazy at the perfume stores.  Hence while I was in London, I walked passed the Penhaligon’s store twice before I actually bought a perfume- I had to practice self-control because I have habit of buying too many perfumes and not using them.

Before I stepped into the Penhaligon’s store, I told myself I would only allow myself one bottle of perfume.  So while I was in there, I had a hard time deciding which perfume to get because all the scents have beautiful notes.

Penhaligon English Fern

The verdict after 2 hours of sniffing the different perfumes is between Juniper Sling and English Fern.  I loved the 2 scents but I decided on English Fern because of its 100 years history and it oozes Englishness- to remind me of my trip.  It was created in 1910 and has a fresh and earthy fragrance that is ideal for me to wear to work.

English Fern screaming ‘KEEP ME’

Characteristic of English Fern

Head Notes: 
Geranium and Lavender, Heart Notes: 

Base Notes: 
Patchouli, Sandalwood and Oakmoss

It is a finely balanced fougere for men and women looking for something a bit different.

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