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How many Lips do I need?

Many friends would say that I have an obsession with lip balms because I always have one with me all the time and constantly applying them wherenever I can. I have so many lip balms because I leave them in every possible purse or bag I have and sometimes I think I need many more lips to finish using them.  The good thing about constantly applying lip balm is keeping the lips moist and kissable at all times.  In honest truth, I do feel sexy whenever I smack lips after applying lip balm- I feel I am  kissable even when I am taken by surprise.


I am so obssessive about lip balms that you can’t believe that I actually have many duplicates of each brand and there are some that are still in the packaging.  Lip balms prevents cold sores and chapped lips which sometimes can result in lip infection.  So why do I wanna take the risk with any infection and lose my luscious lips?  Hence, lip balms have become an addiction for me and I have different lip balms for different occasions- carmex for normal days, Jack Black when I feel like some luxurious flavor, Burt’s Bee when I feel I need a hinge of tint on my lips.

Our lips are thinnest part of our body and cannot produce oil on its own, hence it is the most neglected part of our body. I strongly encourage those around me to use them and I love it when I see my gfs applying lip balms- it means they take really good care of themselves. My advice to ladies who wanna be good kissers to their spouses or partners, use lip balms to keep those luscious lips moist and soft and you are kissable anytime anywhere. 😉

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Comments 2

  1. Long bow says:

    Wow,, tat is a lot of them,,

  2. faye says:

    i have to agree.. always have dry lips! =(

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