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BAUSCH + LOMB, a leading global eye health company, is set to introduce the new LACELLE Grace Daily Disposable cosmetic contact lens to enhance the beauty of your eyes, giving it a captivating sparkle!

Created for both comfort and style, the new LACELLE Grace Daily adds just a hint of colour to your eyes and a splash of sparkle for that sharp confident look.

In line with a study conducted by BAUSCH + LOMB, 87% of consumers who participated shared that they wear contact lenses to look more beautiful and 71% of the participants said that they wear it to give their eyes a more sparkling look.

However, consumers are not willing to trade off comfort for beauty and this is where BAUSCH + LOMB comes in.

BAUSCH + LOMB LACELLE Grace Daily Lenses are developed with 55% of water content and high-moisturizing Methacrylic Acid (MAA) content to keep eyes moist and comfortable all day long.

In addition, the thin and tapered lens edge design LACELLE Grace Daily cosmetic contact lens also provides improved wearing comfort by reducing friction between the lens and the eyelid during blinking. This means that your eyes will stay healthy and dazzling even after full-day use.

Whether you’re going for the dolly wink look or natural everyday look, definitely do give the LACELLE lenses a try!

The daily contact lenses are available in three different designs:

Lacelle Grace Daily Crystal Brown Contact Lens (S$60 for box of 30 pieces)
Lacelle Grace Daily Twinkle Brown Contact Lens (S$60 for box of 30 pieces)
Lacelle Grace Daily Sparkling Black Contact Lens (S$60 for box of 30 pieces)

Retailing at S$60 per box of 30 pieces, with a promotion price at S$100 for two boxes and S$190 for four boxes, Bausch + Lomb LACELLE Grace Daily cosmetic contact lenses will be available from End-September 2017 at leading optical chain and optical Retail outlets.

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Ynez Lim

Ynez Lim

Ynez is a budding writer with a love for all things beauty and food. Her strong wanderlust has led her on many interesting adventures with her family and friends. When she’s not busy with school, she reads and binges on Netflix originals.


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