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Babies Go Wild with Fisher-Price® Rainforest Friends

Fisher Price1

Fisher Price1

We are all about introducing our Bubbas to nature and Fisher-Price® has done it with the Rainforest Friends.  Through the Rainforest Friends, babies will experience a rainforest adventure with carefully designed pieces for them to play with.  These toys are designed to give our little ones a rainforest immersive experience, giving them an opportunity to nurture the love for animals and nature at an early age.

Early exposure to vibrant images of fauna and flora built within the Rainforest Friends range stimulates our babies’ development of motor skills and cognitive ability.  Warm and vibrant colors work to stimulate minds, while bright green colors (similar to nature) is used to promote a calm environment to simultaneously improves babies’ concentration, hence minimizing anxiety.

“According to Dr. Anna Franklin from the Surrey Baby Lab in the United Kingdom, babies have a preference for bright colours. With that, we were selective with the choice of colours that we used to overlay our new range, to ensure a pleasant and calming experience yet stimulating environment for our babies, to improve learning abilities,” adds Ms. Kho.

The Rainforest Friends range consists of 5 different toys, each with different unique quality that can benefit a child’s development and learning ability at different stages of their growth.

Rainforest Friends  Newborn-to-Toddler Rocker, $179.90
Rainforest Friends Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker, $179.90

Rainforest Friends Newborn-To-Toddler Rocker is deal for a newborn with many various eye-catching toys promoting eye-hand coordination and visual stimulation, perfect for babies to learn through play and develop crucial sensory skills. It is easy to maneuver and has a sturdy frame which has adjustable recline positions for different stages as the newborn grows.  The rocker has multiple uses which includes feeding and napping, soothing babies with in-built calming vibrations and removable toy bar with hanging toys for babies to grab.  It is definitely a value for money toy as it sees a newborn to the toddler stage.

Rainforest Friends Jumperoo, $369.90
Rainforest Friends Jumperoo, $369.90

Rainforest Friends Jumperoo allows babies to jump in a safe ‘enclosed’ environment.  The seat is 360 degrees rotatable to allow access to toys all around offering a bat-at play. The lights will flash in momentum with the sound and music when a baby is jumping.  Toys that come with the Jumperoo include a deluxe interactive waterfall roller, teether, frog spinner bead, rotating sun bead bar, roller ball, take-along monkey and more.

Rainforest Friends Bedtime Buddy Projection Soother, $89.90
Rainforest Friends Bedtime Buddy Projection Soother, $89.90

The Rainforest Friends Bedtime Buddy Projection Soother helps to lull babies to sleep by projecting a full-colour scene of the adorable Rainforest Friends overhead as it plays soothing lullabies.  The Rainforest Friends projected overhead are an elephant, lion and giraffe sitting atop the soother, each delivering a soft soothing light effect, while a full colour scene with their characters are projected overhead in tune with a lullaby song.  The soother has four customizable options; Music & projection, Music and lights, Music only and Lights only, and plays up to 30 minutes.

Rainforest Friends Fantastic Musical Mobile, $109.90
Rainforest Friends Fantastic Musical Mobile, $109.90

The Rainforest Friends Fantastic Musical Mobile as the three plush rainforest friends dance overhead with enchanting music to lull babies to sleep.  This musical mobile is designed to bring both the visual fascination and white noise benefits of the ceiling fan down to the baby’s view in the crib.  A domed mirror on the underside of the mobile provides additional visual fascination and great peek-a-boo play.  The music plays up to 20 minutes and features a giraffe character at the base that lights up, providing a soothing night light.

Rainforest Friends Musical Gym, $149.90
Rainforest Friends Musical Gym, $149.90

Rainforest Friends Musical Gym is a favourite among us mommies, it is perfect for babies who are still on their tummies and allows them to play and interact with the various rainforest friends through different activities.  The round mat is comfortable and features a colorful image, the three legs are detachable (and easy to store) and holds the Signature Style characters along with other toys.  The toys include a frog with soft legs and clackers, a motion sensor lion mirror with lights, a rollerball elephant with music and sound effects and many more! With the Rainforest Friends Musical Gym at home, babies are bound to be kept entertained for hours- time for us to relax!

The Fisher-Price® Rainforest Friends range is available in all leading departmental, toy stores and baby shops.  
Visit fisher-price.com/sea for more information on Fisher-Price® signature Rainforest Friends range.
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