Is Your Skin Thirsting for Hydration or Moisture?

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We often see and hear the words hydrating and moisturizing used in many skin care products’ catalogues and brochures. Do we really understand what is hydrating and what is moisturizing; are they synonyms or are they different? Now, let us help you understand better.

Hydrating your skin means you have to maintain optimal water level from inside your body as well as on the outside. Hydrating properly will make your skin plump and supple. Drinking water is an excellent way to keep your entire body hydrated but often our skin have to combat external factors such as pollution, UV rays and air conditioning that leaves skin looking dry, dull and lifeless. As such we will need facial products with hydrating properties to help increase the water content of our skin.

Moisturizing on the other hand aims to form a protective barrier layer on the skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss and help the skin appear more soft and dewy. The dryer your skin or the environment, the thicker or richer your moisturizer has to be to help you combat dryness and flakiness.

With modern facial cosmetics technology, most products include both moisturizing and hydrating properties simplify our skincare regime making it more convenient. It is often highly recommended that we use the full range of hydrating and/or moisturizing products that any brand offers in order to deliver the active ingredients deeper into our skin for better efficacy.

There are 2 newly launched hydrating and moisturizing lines recently by Fancl and Loreal that we would like to recommend to our mommy readers. Both brands are well-known and reputable brands with much experience in producing quality skincare to consumers. Our beauty writer Mandy reviewed these products:-

Hydra Fresh

Loreal Hydra Fresh:

Products in this range are-

1)    hydra fresh hydrating refreshing creamy foam ($12.90)

2)    hydra fresh hydrating softening spa water ($19.90)

3)    hydra fresh hydration + antiox active mask-in lotion ($22.90)

4)    hydra fresh hydration + antiox active supreme emulsion ($25.90)

The main ingredient used in the above range are French Grapes. Grapes is an extraordinary anti-oxidant that is 50 times more effective than Vitamin E. After trying and testing the products, Mandy feels that the star product of this series is the Mask-in Lotion. It nourishes the skin perfectly and within just mere 10 seconds after application, the skin feels plump with moisture and leaves the skin soft and dewy all day.

Fancl M

Fancl Moisturizing Line:

Products in this range are-

1)    moisturizing lotion I and moisturizing lotion II ($34)

2)    Moisturizing emulsion I and moisturizing emulsion II ($34)

3)    Moisturizing cream (richer version of emulsion for super dry skin) ($53)

4)    Moisturizing essence ($64)

5)    Moisturizing mask ($64 for 6 Sheets)

(note that I is for oily skin and II is for normal, combination or dry skin)

Like all other Fancl facial products, the above range is completely free from preservatives. The main ingredients used are fresh royal jelly essence and raffinose; the complete range aims to deliver moisture quicker and deeper into the skin while maximizing the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Mandy highly recommends the moisturizing essence and mask. The mask is luxuriously saturated with rich essence and the skin almost immediately feels much smoother and hydrated just after one usage.

Loreal and Fancl products are now available at all their counters and boutiques island wide.

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