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Korea is known for a few things: kimchi, G-dragon and dewy complexions. We’ll admit to watching k-dramas and getting side-tracked by the seemingly pore-less actresses and actors on-screen instead of focusing on the plot. We can’t be the only ones obsessed with their pores right?

Popular Korean actress Park Shin-hye, known for her roles in dramas such as “Doctors”, “The Heirs” and her flawless complexion, graced our sunny shores to celebrate the launch of Korean beauty brand Mamonde. Despite being jet lagged from her red-eye flight into Singapore, she had skin so dewy it was practically glowing from where we stood (which was at the very back of the room, mind you). You can bet your last dollar we paid close attention to the skincare and makeup tips she swears by to get her flawless complexion at the press conference.

BEAUTY MANTRA: Cleansing, Cleansing, Cleansing

Placing an emphasis on its importance, Park shared that as an actress, her skin is constantly made up, hence cleansing and softening (toning) helps rid pores of grime and dirt at the end of the day, preparing her skin for better absorption of other skincare.


이거 하나로 수분 급속 충전! #플로랄하이드로미스트 가 리뉴얼되어 돌아왔어요. 안개 분사 펌프로 분사력 UP! 수선화 알뿌리 추출물과 저분자 히알루론산 함유로 촉촉함 UP! . The easiest way to hydrate your skin! #Floral_Hydro_Mist made a comeback in this summer with a better spraying power with the mist spray pump and a better moisturizing power with daffodil bulb extract and fine-molecule hyaluronic acid! . #마몽드 #mamonde #梦妆 #꽃의힘을너에게 #마몽드가든 #마몽드가든382 #일상 #소통 #마몽드제품추천 #뷰킷리스트 #인생템 #FloralHidroMist #수선화미스트 #미스트추천 #수분충전미스트

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Park carries the Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist 120ml spray in her bag which she spritzes onto her face every two to three hours, keeping her skin constantly moisturised. Another nifty item she carries is a toner and some cotton pads which she soaks to soothe her skin in case it gets irritated from the environment.


When asked how she maintains her skin’s radiance amidst long hours of travelling and filming, Park revealed that a-mask-a-day was the rule she abided by, and she also credits the Pure White Ultra Active range for its firming and whitening benefits.


On her off duty days, Park revealed that she goes about with a bare face to let her skin breathe but puts on her favourite MAMONDE Highlight Lip Tint as she feels that it brightens up her features by adding a pop of colour.

There’s no time like the present to jump aboard the flawless train led by Park Shin-hye. Mamonde “Garden in the City” is ongoing at the atrium space of VivoCity, Central Court A till 27 July 2017. Limited edition gifts with purchase and sets including Park’s makeup and skincare favourites are on offer at a discounted price for a limited time only.

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