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Begone, Flu & Cold Bug!

Photo: mannaismayaadventure.com
Photo: mannaismayaadventure.com
Photo: mannaismayaadventure.com

Ah-choo! Was that bubba or you sneezing?

Influenza, more commonly referred to as flu, is a virus that lives in a host cell and replicates itself from there. Anyone suffering from the influenza may have to deal with sneezing bouts and excessive mucous.

A cold usually begins with a sore throat, then sneezing with a congested nose or excessive mucous, ending with a bout of coughing with phlegm.

Young or old, male or female, as long as your immune system is weak, you can fall sick with the cold or flu.

In Singapore, flu vaccines are easily available. Although they may help prevent the onset of flu, be aware that since the flu is a virus that can change, a vaccine is not a sure bet that you will not get the flu.

The surest prevention of catching the flu virus is to have a strong immune system.

This would mean:
– Eating well. Cut out things that are deep fried, sugar laden or nutritionally devoid of essential vitamins and minerals. Where possible, opt for fresh produce that is organic, free range or natural.
– Resting well. Getting enough sleep will allow your body to prepare for the next day’s challenges. This will help you avoid feelings of grumpiness, lethargy, and sadness.
– Have a positive attitude. Anger, disappointment, and suspicion are some of the negative emotions that bring about stress. This then leads to illness.

Make some changes to your lifestyle today, and watch how the number of times you fall ill reduce drastically.


What happens if, despite having the flu vaccine, bubba or yourself still gets the flu? If you want a non-chemical, safe and effective way of kicking out the flu and restoring balance to your body, try Young Living essential oils.

These essential oils are more potent than natural herbals and homeopathy. Usually, one drop is more than sufficient to bring about a sense of well being and ease discomfort.


The first step in fighting the flu is to inhibit the multiplication of the virus causing it. The best oil for this is Melissa, which has shown the strongest antiviral activity. It is also antibacterial, antimicrobial, and a tonic.

Next, you should look at boosting your immune system. Here are some of the oils used in our house to ensure that our immunity is not compromised:-
– Grapefruit is a tonic that has a cleansing effect on the kidneys and lymphatic system;
– Orange is a tonic that affects the digestive and immune systems;
– Tangerine helps to stimulate draining of the lymphatic system and affects the immune system;
– Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, stimulates the immune system;
– Eucalyptus Blue is an invigorating oil that is antiviral and helpful for the respiratory system;
– Lemon is a tonic that is also antiviral and antioxidant. It cleanses the lymphatic system, helps with respiratory problems, and affects the immune system.

Next, to deal with the discomfort and bring about recovery, mountain savory, oregano, and eucalyptus are some of the oils that effectively bring about balance.

Mountain Savory is an immune stimulant, is antiviral, and a general tonic for the body.

Oregano is an immune stimulant and antiviral. The French use is for respiratory issues such as pulmonary tuberculosis, rheumatism, and whooping cough.

Eucalyptus is anti-infectious and antiviral, affecting the respiratory system.

For congestion of the nasal passage, opt for Eucalyptus Blue or Dorado Azul. While I react better to dorado azul, my kids respond better to Eucalyptus Blue. If I used Dorado Azul on them, their response takes slightly longer.

Another way of deciding which oils to use is to get your bubba to pick them. Kids have a way of gravitating to the oil that they need for the moment, and sometimes, they quickly have a favourite. My son’s favourite oil is peppermint, and he insists on using it for every issue he may have, be it a cough, the flu, sadness or a mosquito bite. My daughter’s favourite oil is copaiba as it possesses a gentle and soothing fragrance.



The easiest way for kids who are not yet open to receiving oil on their body is through diffusing.

Most people begin with a cold-water diffuser and diffuse about 4 drops of their chosen oil for 30 minutes each time, up to four times a day.

If you have a slightly bigger budget, opt for an atomiser diffuser that disperses the essential oil into the air as a thin mist, without the use of water.

Your kids will be fascinated by the mist created, and as the fragrance is faint, they will not mind it much. Inhaling the oils this way works well for congested respiratory systems.

For kids who do not mind receiving the oils, use 2-4 drops of one oil and dilute it 1:1 with coconut, olive or almond oil. Then apply this on the chest, stomach or lower back 2 times a day or as needed.

What I like to do is layer a few oils together, since different people react faster to different oils. So I will first apply mountain savoury, wait 2-5 minutes then apply oregano, wait 2-5 minutes then apply eucalyptus. I would then use peppermint, as it amplifies the actions of the oils that have already been applied.

For babies, apply the oils on the soles of the feet instead. Besides the fact that your baby thinks you are giving him/her a relaxing foot massage, the pores on the feet are the biggest, and thus absorb the oils very quickly.

If you have a tub at home, a soak in hot water does wonders for clearing out the nose and relaxing you. When the water is filling the tub, add in a mixture of 1/4 cup Epsom salt or baking soda with 2 drops eucalyptus, 6 drops frankincense, 3 drops dorado azul, 6 drops spruce, 15 drops ravintsara, and 1 drop wintergreen. Then just soak in this fragrant mixture for 20 to 30 minutes, or until the water cools.


When I have the flu, besides using these oils, I also take supplements to build up my immunity. My favourite two are Digest + Cleanse and Inner Defense.

Digest + Cleanse is a formulated blend of essential oils to soothe gastrointestinal upset, support healthy digestion, and assist with cleansing. Each capsule contains Peppermint, which enhances digestion; Caraway, which improves elimination and ease digestive discomfort; Lemon, which cleanses the digestive and lymphatic systems; Ginger, which stimulates digestion; Fennel, which may help break up toxins and cleanse the tissues; and, Anise, which may help calm and strengthen the digestive system.

Inner Defense was formulated to boost the body’s immune system. Each capsule contains the Thieves blend; Oregano; Thyme CT Thymol, which is antiviral; and, Citronella, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Both Digest + Cleanse and Inner Defense can also be taken regularly to maintain a strong immune system.

If you have more questions about Young Living essential oils, get in touch with Patricea patricea.chow@yahoo.com.

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