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Before my review of Petit Bowl begins, I have a few questions for you (not just mamas and papas out there, but simply anyone reading this)!

Should babies and toddlers eat porridge for every meal? Is slow-cooking for hours the best way to prepare a nutritious meal? Are all frozen foods bad for you?

Can they have a full menu that ranges from pasta risotto to beef casserole?  Can babies’ food smell so good that you find yourself salivating?

What can I feed my little picky eaters? How do I start my kids on weaning? How can I ensure that Bubba’s getting nutritious meals while on holiday too?

Having been started by a mother of four, Petit Bowl is here to give us answers to these questions. Thinking about what to feed little tummies, is the same problem that caregivers worldwide face which owner, Josephine Koh, has the solutions to. Frozen solutions.

Photo: Petit Bowl

With a humble beginning of only 10 recipes four years ago, Petit Bowl has grown to feature almost 50 yummy dishes in their extensive menu. You can even bring Bubba down with a few friends for a tasting session, where the knowledageable staff will be more than willing to assist you in the weaning process. Choosing the right dishes for the right time is made possible with their meal planner service as well. Recipes are carefully engineered based on weights and amounts to derive maximum nutrition for little tummies. Only fresh ingredients from quality suppliers also ensure that Petit Bowl is as good, if not, better than home-cooked food sometimes. (TRAVELLER’S PACKAGE)

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Photo: Petit Bowl

Like all parents, Josephine simply wants what’s best for her kids, so you can rest assure that every meal from Petit Bowl is made in best possible of retaining precious nutritions, by steaming or stewing. Freezing is followed next, to quickly put those nutritions to sleep. She added lab tests have shown that even after freezing food for a whole year, the present nutritons was as good as day one! Freezing is also the safest way to store food, as bacteria thrive between 5 to 60 degrees Celcius. When it’s mealtime for Bubba, awake those flavours and nutritions by heating them up! It’s that simple.

We tested how simple Petit Bowl really works and it made our life easy when we brought Bubba with us on a holiday to Bangkok!  Petit Bowl worked very well for us and made our holiday hassle free and we enjoyed our family time very much!

Address: 46 Siglap drive, Singapore 456171 (Frankel Estate)
Tel: +65 6256 5359
For more information, please visit or Facebook Page.


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