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Bio-Oil – A multi purpose skincare and beauty product!

Have you heard of Bio-Oil? Traditionally, Bio-Oil is a well known specialist skincare oil that is used to improve the appearance of scars, reduce stretch marks and smooth out uneven skin tones. Globally Bio-Oil has won more than 69 skincare awards, as well as becoming the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 11 countries.

We were invited to a Bio-Oil interactive workshop recently.  At the workshop, we discovered that Bio-Oil is not only a skincare product, it is surprisedly a multi purpose, multi functional beauty and cosmetics product as well. Bio-Oil has a unique breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™; it is this oil that ensures the active ingredients are rapidly absorbed into our skin without oil residual. Hence it is suitable for use on the face and body. The product is also definitely suitable for sensitive skin as it does not cause acne. Bio-Oil is also safe enough to use on children (I tried and tested on my three years old son for his sunburn)

Below is a list of the different usages of Bio-Oil:

  1. Reduce unsightly appearance of stretch marks (I used this during my second pregnancy and there was no stretch marks after my son arrived)
  2. Improve scar marks
  3. Smoothen out uneven skin tones
  4. Nourish aging skin
  5. Can be used as a moisturizer, prevents dryness and guards against moisture loss
  6. Soothes sun burnt skin and prevents excessive peeling (personally tested on a 3 year old child. His redness subsided within a day after application and skin did not peel at all)
  7. Can be used as pre shaving treatment for smoother hair removal (even men can use it as well, talk about sharing products with us)
  8. Treat peeling cuticles before and after nail treatments
  9. Perfect as a moisturizer and softener for dry and cracked elbows, heels and skin calluses
  10. Use it as a hair serum to tame frizzy fly-aways
  11. Suitable to be used as a body massage oil because the calendula, lavender, rosemary oils and chamomile extract helps to keep you calm and relaxed
  12. For dewy finish, can use bio-oil as a makeup primer before foundation
  13. Blend a tiny blob of bio-oil with your cream concealer for better and easier blending (I use the Bio-Oil for this purpose everyday)
  14. Mix a tiny drop of bio-oil with eye pigments and apply to eyelids using fingers for that perfect glamorous shiny eye makeup look

Previously, Bio-oil was only available in a 60ml bottle (retail price, SGD$15.50) packaging, it is now available the new 125ml bottle (retail price, SGD$25.90) and is now available at all leading pharmacies, selected departmental stores and Sasa.

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