Why Swimming is Good.

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Swimming is a lifetime skill that parents can give to our Bubbas and it is a sport that is easier to pick up at a young age.  Swimming is also a great low impact exercise on the body and is a good full body work out which promotes motor coordination in children.  There are many benefits of swimming but the most important benefits that parents highlight are the medical benefits which includes strengthening lung capacity and reducing asthmatic attacks.
Ace Dolphin will be conducting a swimming crash course for children this coming school holidays. The 5-weeks crash course is conducted by experienced and certified coaches twice a week and the group classes are small with a ratio of six students to one coach.  Students in this small group setting would be able to learn much faster as there will be more interaction with the coaches.  Coaches at Ace Dolphine promise to make the classes fun and engaging to keep the children going back, this is definitely an option for a fun and fulfilling holiday program for the children.
Date: 18th Novemeber 2013 - 20th December 2013
Time: 9am - 12noon / weekdays
Age: 4 - 13 years old
Fees: $199 for 10 lessons
Free swim cap worth 20 dollars upon registration
For more details, please visit acedolphin.com
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