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BodySpark Bust Treatment



Have you heard of Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) for bust enhancement and firming? BodySpark is the first spa out of Japan to offer this service in Singapore and Taiwan.

BodySpark uses the a Japanese IPL machine which is specially made for our Asian skin.

  • It emits less melanin and aims to absorb the pigmentation from the Asian skin, hence lightening the skin tone
  • Bigger Silicon stopper on IPL to prevents burn and stabilises pulse lighting on direct contact with skin
  • Bigger gap between skin and IPL lens as opposed to traditional IPL machine which uses cooling gel as a barrier to prevent the Pulse Lighting from burning the skin. The new IPL machine from Japan widen the gap between skin and the lens where the Pulse Lighting is emitted, hence the need for the cooling gel is made redundant as the risk of burnt skin is reduced. BodySpark uses ice pack to calm your skin in the IPL treated area
  • Bigger lens to cover more skin area making treatment time shorter

BodySpark’s IPL treatment not only enhances the bosom, it also has an uplifting effect which is noticeable instantly and last for one week to two weeks. After the IPL treatment, a ‘TCM’ massage is done to increase the circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. This circulation also boosts fat ‘transfer’ from the back to the bust area for a fuller bosom.

After Bubba arrived, I breastfed him for almost 6 months and the breastfeeding caused the breast to be saggy.  After my first BodySpark IPL Bust Treatment, there was noticeable bust lift and the effects lasted almost 2 weeks. Considering it is almost painless and works to enhance and lift the bust, I am very satisfied that I did not have to go under the knife or try many products to revive the lifeless bust.  I would definitely recommend it to mothers who just stopped breastfeeding or want to enhance and firm up their bosom.


Photo: Pregnancyihub
Photo: Pregnancyihub


  • Mothers who just stopped breast feeding:  After mothers stop breastfeeding, there might be milk ducts which are hardened or congested, the ‘TCM’ lymphatic drainage masage works to clear the congested milk ducts preventing them from forming hard lumps around the breast (which may lead to breast cancer). This treatment is a healthy option as it gives new lease of life to breasts (which has been ‘abused’) after breastfeeding and healthier firmer breasts by stimulating collagen growth and elasticity of skin.
  • Ladies seeking fuller bosom: the IPL treatment enhances and focuses more on massage through focus acupoint and breast gland circulation.
  • Women who have experienced stunted growth in puberty, saggy breasts or weakened breasts due to breast feeding, unbalanced breasts, breasts lacking in tension and elasticity, or are afraid of breast implants.

Both treatments will end off with a mask to firm the bust. For best results, treatment should be done once fortnightly. Bust treatment can be done 3 days after period as the female body is not receptive to treatment during the menstrual period due to hormones imbalance.

Consultancy before start of treatment and First time trial – $99
Each IPL Bust Treatment- $469 Packages for Bust Treatment

-6 treatments- $2399 (5 + 1 free)
-12 treatments- $4299 (10 + 2 free)

BodySpark also offers other services including Facial IPL, Hair Removal IPL, eyelash extensions, manicure and pedicure. BodySpark is located at #24-88 The Central, 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059818 nad operates Mondays to Sundays, except Public Holidays from 11am to 8pm. Call +6562250722 or visit bodyspark.sg for more information.

Note: Bust Treatment is NOT for women who are still breast feeding or are pregnant.

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