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Did you know?  A bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H2O is sold every 3 seconds worldwide

It’s the star of the celebrity bathrooms, the favourite skincare fix, the one that Japanese and American tourists lug back in bulk from their trips to France and the one that won over dermatologists as soon as it was launched.  It is Bioderma Sensibio H2O – Micellar Water.


Micellar Water / Cold Water Reinvented

We know cleansing is fundamental to any skincare regime and that cleansers should respect skin’s equilibrium so, with this in mind, Bioderma reinvented cold water.  Back in 1991, Bioderma were the first in the market to leverage micellar technology to create a gentle and effective cleansing water called micellar solutions.

Micelles are very special molecular microstructures that allow impurities, dirt and excess sebum to be removed without the need to rinse.  Suspended in water, they only disband when in contact with the skin.  The secret of micelles is that they are made of two parts:-

  1. A hydrophilic component that likes water
  2. A hydrophobic component that attracts oil.

Having both water and oil loving components means that the micellar solution can lift makeup from our skin easily with no effort whatsoever.

20140509- bioderma

Due to the overwhelming success of Bioderma Sensibio H2O, Bioderma has now created a complete range of H2Os for different skin types and conditions.  Now, weather you have dehydrated, oily or sensitive skin, there’s a H2O for every skin type and condition.  There’s even one for baby skin too!

  • Sensitive skin were the first to experience Bioderma H2O – The Sensibio H2O is now selling at a rate of one 250ml bottle every 3 seconds world wide!  If you’ve not yet tried this, then where have you been!?  The soothing cucumber extract ensures skin’s natural pH is respected.
  • Sébium H2O is for you if your skin is prone to being oily.   With it’s patented wonder of Fluidactiv, it will improve sebum quality and inhibit comedogenesis.
  • Dehydrated skin that looks dull and uneven or perhaps is a little flaky will benefit from the Hydrabio H2O, By the way it irrigates skin, instead of just hydrating the top layer means that skin is refreshed and rejuvenated from deep down.  The result is thoroughly quenched skin that looks healthy and gains a natural glow.
  • ABCDerm H2O now means that even our little ones can benefit from a star formula that’s perfectly safe and gentle on his skin.  Use for daily cleansing of the diaper area, keep skin folds clean and wipe clean the hands and, because it will not sting, simply wipe the face and eyes too.

Tips on how to use Bioderma H20

  • As a mid-day corrector/instant makeup eraser – if you make a mistake while applying makeup, don’t panic!
  • As an after-gym cleanser – no more post-gym shine, the non-drying formula will prevent clogged pores and breakouts caused by sweat built up after working out.
  • Cleansing baby – conventional baby wipes can often cause irritations to the hyper-sensitive skin of babies, because ABCDerm H2O contain no essential oils or alcohol, it means baby is cleansed and protected too.

Three reasons to use Bioderma H2O today

  1. Cleanse without worry – impurities, makeup and excess sebum are swept away by the cotton pad.  It’s cleanliness in one step!
  2. Dermatologists Bioderma H2O because of its way all-in-one hygiene ritual combined with extreme mildness.
  3. When celebrities give Bioderma Sensibio H2O their seal of approval, it’s got to be great, right?  Gwyneth Paltrow says it is “the best makeup remover.  It is unscented and doesn’t dry your skin”, Kylie Minogue buys in large quantities when she’s in Paris and then there’s the legion of international make-up artists who swear by it for their runway shows and fashion shoots!
The full Bioderma H2O range is available at Guardian, Nishino, Robinsons and John Little.
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