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Clifford Aesthetic: Q switch Laser Treatment Review


The fear of pigmentation and dull looking skin is crippling and it is real! Sun spots and pigmentation are signs of premature aging of skin and it results in dull looking skin. Celebrity Doctor, Dr Gerard Ee recommended me to undergo a series of pigmentation treatments such as Q switch Laser and Pico Laser treatment at Clifford Aesthetics. These laser treatments reduce the appearance of enlarged pores as well!

The monthly Q switch Laser sessions are quick and painless and there is completely no downtime and I can still go back to work after the sessions! Hence, I usually go during my lunch breaks, remove my makeup and see Dr Ee for my Q Switch Laser Treatment and back to work after applying some sunblock. It is so fast, hence the Q Switch Laser Treatment is PERFECT for time-starved moms who use their lunch breaks to get skin concerns addressed!


The laser session is painless and all I can feel is a tickling sensation on the target treatment (which is my face in this instance) and hear Dr Ee chatting with me (and perhaps very soft zapping sound). It’s also great for people with low pain threshold because they won’t fear or feel the pain of laser treatments especially Q switch Laser treatment.

The Q-Switch Laser machine uses a non-invasive high-energy laser pulse at a specific wavelength on the targeted areas of skin concern. My skin concern in 2019 when I first met Dr Gerard Ee at Clifford Aesthetics was my sun spots (pigmentation form over exposure of the sun and possibly hormonal imbalance during pregnancy), acne (and acne scars) and open pores. The acne scars treatment worked and all my acne and pigmentation were removed effectively but we are maintaining the Q Switch Laser sessions to maintain clarity and radiant skin. It is hard to avoid premature aging and skin pigmentation because we are living in Singapore – we are right at the equator and under the sun ALL the time – and it is inevitable for us to be exposed to the sun.

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Over the few Q Switch Laser Treatment Sessions, my skin has improved tremendously – pigmentation and freckles are reduced (lightened) if not removed. My friends have also noticed my skin is radiant looking and I noticed my pores are smaller and my skin is less oily now! I would say that good skin laser treatments are a good investment because they save time (trip to the clinics) to achieve radiant looking skin in a short period of time.

I recommend monthly Q switch Laser Treatment sessions for time-starved women (and moms) seeking to address dull looking skin for a quick, painless and affordable solution. Smacked in Raffles Place in Central Singapore, Clifford Aesthetic is accessible easily via Raffles Place MRT. Please ask for Dr Gerard Ee for consultation when you make your appointment at +65 6532 2400 or WhatsApp +65 8318 6332 to have your skin accessed and the right treatment recommended.

Please visit https://cliffordclinic.com/ for more information about the Q switch Laser Treatment and other treatments.

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Katherine Sng

Katherine Sng

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