Confessions of an Online Shopaholic!




Parents Rule when it comes to online shopping…especially Mamas who want nothing but the best for their bubbas!

According to recent data from the online shopping mall, Rakuten, parents seem to be the biggest spenders with the most amount of money spent in the first half of 2015 being on kids and babies items.  What’s more, Moms out-shop Dads within this same category.  However, while Mama does spend about 3 times more than Dad, there is no difference in the average cost per item spent; meaning that Moms buy more number of items, or shop more frequently than Dads.

With online shopping being a super- convenient method of making purchases, we think online shopping must have been invented with busy Moms in mind!

Like many busy Moms who NEED to make that purchase NOW, our writer Kristine shares her online shopping experiences and proves that, not only do ‘Parents Rule’ when it comes to online shopping but, Mama holds the Gold Medal for online shopping know-how.  Take it away Kristine;


Hello, my name is Kristine, and I’m an online-shopaholic.

Ever since the birth of ‘blogshops’, I’ve been fascinated by the variety and the affordability that these options offer. A whole new shopping experience, right from the comfort of my own home! Don’t like what I see? Click and scroll away. Like what I see? A few clicks and it’s on the way to my home. Of course, I’ve had my fair share of disappointment – clothes that don’t fit, items that look nothing like they do on the website, most of which I’ve written off as collateral damage!

Online Shopping is Convenient

Fast forward to now, with more companies going online and streamlining their payment, exchange, returns, and shipping procedures, it’s made shopping online even more fuss-free. Websites like Zalora, Asos and Rakuten who offer refunds or exchanges with no questions asked are some of my favourites.

Online Shopping Deliveries are Speedy

When I was pregnant with my first child, online shopping took on a whole new dimension.  With hormone levels flying high, every tiny, pretty item made me ‘squeal’; baby clothes, items for the nursery, stroller, and, of course, all of these I just had to have right there and then!  As luck would have it, online ordering and delivery can be just a matter of hours apart!

Online Shopping makes shopping around for the best prices Easy

Without the need to trail from store-to-store, physically, to ‘shop around’ for the best deal, I could religiously compare prices from different websites for the very best deals.  All the while in the comfort of home with my laptop resting on a pillow, perched on my ‘very’ pregnant belly, while my swollen feet were resting up on a little footstool;  Ah, the convenience of online shopping!

Online Shopping Whenever and Wherever

After I gave birth, I got so caught up in the hustle and bustle of caring for my little one that whilst my precious bundle was sleeping (leaving me trapped in that position for a good half an hour), I would find myself thinking about tackling that groceries list or thinking about what my baby will be needing for the next month or so.

With just a few swipes on my smart phone it’s amazing the types of deals one can find.  Soft soft diapers that protect your baby’s bum, are shipped straight from Japan at prices that are comparable or better than that found in the supermarkets. High chairs that are almost like THAT Stokke one, of similar quality but at a much more affordable price. Baby snacks and accessories, the list goes on and on.

And so, with a few clicks, I’m done with my purchases, my baby stirs on my chest. I put my phone down and breathe in her scent and enjoy the next few seconds of peace before she wakes and my house becomes party central again.

I hardly really shop for myself anymore, and yet, hello again, my name is Kristine, and I’m still an online-shopaholic.


Here are a few of our favourite online stores that we want to share with you:-

Zalora – for fashion, beauty and accessories

Rakuten – for (almost) everything including Henri Charpentier pastries

Taobao – household, fashion, lifestyle (and now, if you previously had the language barrier over at Taobao – they have recently linked up with 65Daigou who can take the stress out of shopping from overseas and shop for you).

Decordinary – for beautiful furnishings and accessories for your home.

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