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Don’t Cope Alone : A Lifeline for Mama



Your child is having one too many meltdowns and you are losing your patience. Perhaps you are feeling increasingly tired and maybe a little depressed?

It is a sad reality that many Mothers believes they have to cope alone, telling themselves “it’s my child and if I cannot calm this situation, what is wrong with ME!?”

The lifeline you seek is closer than you think…

The moment you realize that what you are experiencing is not unique to you but is actually very common, you will breath a sigh of relief and once again find the strength to cope and enjoy being with your child.

We recently met with Caroline Wilson, Clinic Hypnotherapist and Representative for Australian Hypnotherapy Association for Singapore. Caroline originates from Australia and has been helping families with her methods of therapy, including Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, since 2006.

Caroline told us that when a child has behavioral issues, maybe even diagnosed with Autism, Asperger’s or ADHD, the first person that needs help is not the child but it is the mother (or main caregiver). Caroline is highly intuitive and, after just one session spent chatting with you, she begins to help you as you step back onto the road in coping and regaining control of the difficult situations.

With Caroline’s softly spoken voice, extremely caring nature as well as her experience and expertise in practicing therapy, you, your child and your whole family will be feeling happier and far more relaxed almost immediately.

Especially for Bubbamama readers, Caroline has kindly offered free 30-minute consultations (via Skype) for anyone who needs to reach out for this lifeline of help and support.

Caroline can be contacted via her Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages/Healthy-Mind-Happy-Soul or healthymindhappysoul.com.

Should you wish to engage Caroline’s services, she will schedule a 1 ½ hour initial session with each subsequent session being around 1 hour in duration. She strives to help the main caregiver regain their sense of self initially and then will practice appropriate therapy with the child. She then continues with inner-family therapy that concerns the whole family and can help siblings too.

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