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Excite Your Appetite at Huber’s Butchery

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Huber’s Butcher at Dempsey Road now stands in a much bigger space – 2 times the size of the old location.  The Huber’s Butchery is now spread over 2 stories and has 2 lifts for customer convenience (Mummy with stroller will be pleased!)

This new location still has the convenience of the simple park-up, run-in and buy shop but, now the customer can also have the option to browse, enjoying the butchery experience and take their time to choose and talk to the butchers available about what exactly they need and how they can prepare their purchase to the very best offering for their family or guests.

During our recent media tour of this new store location, we were pleased to find out that;

  1. More than 90% of Huber’s meats are growth hormone free
  2. Huber’s chicken is sourced from a farm where the chickens are free to walk around.  The farm is sheltered to avoid contamination of wild bird or migrating birds.

As mentioned in our Christmas Dinner Prepared for You article, you can also consider buying raw meats knowing you will cook them to your liking and meet the taste of all family members too.  It’s good to know that Huber’s are on hand to help with cooking tips and guidelines to follow to be sure your Festive Table is decorated as well as, if not better than, your tree this Christmas!

Honey Baked Ham

Huber’s Cooking Suggestions

  • Turkey – roast the turkey at 160∘c from start to finish.  If the colour gets too brown, in particular for the larger turkeys, simply cover with aluminium foil.  The turkeys have a tender timer.  When the centre pops up, the turkey is perfectly cooked.

8-10 lbs – 2 hours – 10-12 lbs – 2 1/4 hours – 12-14 lbs 2 ½ hours – 14-16 lbs 2 3/4 hours – 16-18 lbs 3 hours

For turkeys that are stuffed, roast for 15 minutes more after the tender-timer has popped up.  Once cooked let the turkey rest for approximately 20 minutes before carving.

USA Frozen Turkeys start at a price of $52 (8-10lbs) up to a price of $92 (16-18lbs) for a defrosted turkey with stuffing of your choice being plain or marinated.

USA Bone-less Turkey Breasts start at $30/kg.

  • Uncooked turkey stuffing – defrost and place the stuffing in simmering water for approximately 30 minutes.  Remove the casing and cut into slices.

Huber’s home-made Turkey Stuffings are available – chestnut, sage or chicken & mushroom these are priced at $17 (600g) and are served raw.

  • Goose – Roast at 160∘c for about 2 ½ to 3 hours until the liquid inside the goose is clear in appearance.
  • Duck – Roast at 160∘c for about 1 ½ hours or until the liquid inside the duck is clear in appearance.
  • Chicken – 2kg sizes are best roasted for 1 ½ hours at 160∘c or until the liquid inside the chicken is clear in appearance.
  • Chipolatas – Pan fry until nice and brown on both sides.  For something different, try wrapping a slice of streaky bacon around it and then pan fry.

Huber’s home-made Chipolatas start at a price of $21/kg (chicken – no pork – with chopped parsley) and priced up to $30/kg (Venison, Bacon, Red Wine)

  • Pork – to prepare loin roast (bone-less), roast at 180∘c for approximately 40 minutes per kg.  If you have a temperature probe, it should read bout 72∘c.  Let all your roasted meat rest for about 10 minutes before serving.


These are general guidelines and are based on Huber’s experience.  With the variety of electrical and gas ovens available, cooking time can vary.  Please always pre-heat your oven.


Last order for Christmas is 16th December 2015 – do drop by the store at 22 Dempsey Road to place your order.

Why not stop by the Bistro now open at Huber’s too.  Open 11am to 10pm Tues – Fri and 9.30 am to 10 pm Sat, Sun and Public Holidays.  Last orders at 9.30pm

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