First Home Hair Colouring Dye that Improves Hair Quality!

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It is true that most consumers believe that hair colouring leads to hair damage; but what if there is a new home hair dye product that can improve your hair quality, does not produce an unpleasant odor in your bathroom or sting your scalp, would you be excited to try it out? Garnier – the household brand that is known for producing high quality and easy to use home hair colouring products has just launched Olia!

Olia is the first home hair colouring product that contains maximum oil concentration with 60% natural floral oils. The oil powered technology propels colourants deep into the hair giving you pure, vivid and long lasting hair colour. Olia visibly improves and restores the hair as the oils help to reverse roughness and dullness for more brilliant, multi dimensional colour coupled with softer, shiner hair with more bounce. Olia is also the first oil powered Ammonia-free permanent colour. With Olia by Garnier, consumers do not have to compromise hair quality with hair colouring.

We tried Olia and here’s what we think about this product:-
Editor Katherine – rookie at home hair colouring, has never coloured her hair professionally or at home, has waist length long hair
“I was initially rather apprehensive to try out Olia simply because I have never coloured my hair before. After much persuasion and encouragement from Mandy (Bubbamama’s beauty writer), I decided to take the plunge! As I have very long hair, one box was not sufficient to colour my hair, I needed to use 2 boxes to fully colour my hair from roots to end. I tried out the 3.0 Soft Black colour which is very close to my natural hair colour. I am extremely pleased with the results. My hair is definitely softer, much shiner and so much easier to manage after every shampoo wash. Olia has changed my perception of home hair colouring products!”

Beauty Writer Mandy – shoulder length hair, started colouring her hair professionally and at home since 17 years old
“I really like the colour developing bottle. It is shaped like an oil drop and it fits perfectly in my hand which totally allows for easy and even application of the hair dye from roots to end. There is no unpleasant ammonia smell, instead the delicate floral scent of this product makes hair colouring a whole new sensorial experience. I used colour deep violet 3.16 which gives my hair a subtle red tint under sunlight. My hair looks healthy and is visibly bouncier than before.”

Olia is priced at $19.90, available in 12 shades, at Watsons, Guardian and major supermarkets from November 2013.

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