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Skin Hydration to achieve ‘pump pump bouncy skin’

Did you know that skin is constantly losing moisture and seems much like a leaky bucket? Without doing much at all, we can lose about two glasses of water a day be simply breathing and through evaporation from our skin. Imagine how much more moisture the active mamas like us can lose!

Finding inspiration from ancient Chinese legend, we hear how Olay looked to the beautiful Yang Guifei who, during the 8th Century, was such a stunning beauty that she brought the Emperor to distraction. Now, the world’s leading facial care brand reveal the secret of her breathtaking beauty in the form of their brand new product range AquAction. By using the very ingredient of Yang Guifei’s beauty regime, silver ear mushroom, Olay scientists made the discovery of a new gold standard in skin hydration actives. Known as WSK, this discovery was found to outperform hyaluronic acid and give 12-hour non-stop hydration.

Using the Hilton Hotel’s poolside location at Il Cielo, the Olay team along with their senior scientist, David Khoo demonstrated the science within AquAction and showed us just how WSK puts an end to our skin leaking out moisture and how Niacinamide helps address the signs of skin fatigue. This scientific combination gives skin the energy to renew itself, bringing it back to more youthful levels, which in turn enables skin to hold onto its own moisture more effectively.

Diving straight into the new Olay AquAction range, we find 5 must have products that are proven to deliver a new standard of hydration that is fondly known as ‘pump pump bouncy skin’.

• Olay AquAction Long Lasting Hydration Gel is the star product of the range. This lightweight gel immediately enhances the moisture level of dry skin with just one application. In fact, it continuously moisturizes and locks in water for up to 12 hours to deliver the pumped up and bouncy look. I’ve given this a try and am quite impressed by hydrated look my skin receives. Not sticky and virtually no scent to this gel.

• Olay AquAction Deep Hydrating Dew is formulated with multiple mineral ingredients much similar to those found in natural hot springs and plant extracts. This toner provides skin with nutrients and deeply moisturizes skin helping to lock in hydration, while continuously supplying moisture to give skin long lasting hydration. A great tip I picked up from the beautiful Olay team is to decant this dewy liquid into a small spray bottle and keep it handy in your bag for day long hydration. Keep a spray in the fridge too for a totally refreshing sensation.

• Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion is formulated especially to target skin that is more easily dehydrated. Again, like the Long Lasting Hydration Gel, skin receives continuous rehydration for up to 12 hours and gives skin the same hydrated and bouncy look and feel. Depending on your skin care needs, and preference, you would choose either the Intensive Nourishing Emulsion or Long Lasting Hydration Gel.

• Olay AquAction Softening Sleeping Mask is a blue transparent jelly mask that can provide intensive hydration all night long. Its water-bonding formula works at the time your skin is naturally renewing it’s cells and therefore aids and increases this turnover process. This mask can also effectively control skin oils, to help skin achieve water-oil balance and a bouncy more hydrated look. Personally, this is my absolute fave! Particularly good at beating the dry, tired and often-tight feeling of skin after a night sleeping in the aircon.

• Olay AquAction Nourishing Hydration Mask is a perfect addition to the range and ideal for using when we have that little extra time to pamper. Just 15 minutes of relaxing in this face mask will give skin the hydration and nourishment it needs. What’s more, unlike most face masks on the market, this mask has the added feature of the ‘eye patch design’ that helps provide hydration to the eye area too.

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