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Our crowning glory may not always be perfection at it’s best but, by simply identifying the root of your problem, you can mix up a perfect hair mask leaving you with luscious locks.

Hair loss, dandruff and even dehydrated hair all start with scalp problems. This mask and treatment will see your scalp back to healthy condition and you’ll say goodbye to your hair problems.
o 1 cup natural yogurt
o 10 drops argan oil
o 2 tablespoons honey
o 3 to 5 drops of tea tree
• Combine all ingredients. Apply to scalp by pressing in and gently massage. Leave for 10 minutes before washing off thoroughly and styling as normal.

Tip to keep in mind is never use too hot of water when rinsing the mask or washing your hair as this can dry and damage the scalp that can lead to problem hair growth.

Do contact a dermatologist if you have experienced an itchy scalp, or noticed painful bumps for more than 3 days.

Day to day use of serum, holding spray, sunscreen, leave in conditioners, etc on your hair can lead to a built-up of products causing hair to become lifeless and dull looking. Once every 2 weeks or each month is a good time to get totally product free.
o ½ cup baking soda
o warm water
o ½ cup vinegar (optional if your hair is very dry)
• Use this mix to thoroughly wash your hair. The bubbling power of the baking soda will get to work immediately. After gently massaging and leaving for 3 minutes thoroughly rinse and style is normal.

We know skin needs to be protected and we should always use a SPF product before stepping outdoors, but hair needs protecting too. An easy mix for a leave-in conditioning protection is what’s needed:-

• Mix equal parts sunscreen and conditioner diluted with a little water. Take a spray bottle and put your mix inside. Spray on liberally before hitting the beach or heading out into the sun-drenched day. If your hair is light then add in a couple of squirts of lemon juice to achieve sun-kissed California style highlights.

Do remember, if you enjoy swimming and don’t like to wear a swim cap then you also need to protect your hair from chlorine damage. Tie up long hair then thoroughly wet hair to ‘coat’ every strand so that the chlorine filled water does not soak right.

Two more hair masks that really do work at getting your crowing glory into shape are these:-

Overall beautifying mask;
o 1 ripe avocado
o ½ cup coconut milk
o 3 teaspoons olive oil
• Mash up the avocado, add in the coconut milk and oil and stir rapidly to combine fully. Warm up the mix slightly, I would put it in a bowl over a pan of boiling water or use a microwave for a couple of seconds. Apply the mask to your hair, starting at the roots and spreading to the ends. Massage into the scalp then leave for 30 minutes before washing off thoroughly and styling as normal.

De-Frizz mask;
o ½ cup honey
o ½ cup natural yogurt
o 1 tablespoon almond oil
• Combine all ingredients. Apply mask to hair and massage from roots to ends. Leave for 20 minutes before washing off thoroughly and styling as normal.

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