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How did Fann Wong get back her Fabulous Figure?

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While we are pregnant, its usual for us to eat more, perhaps we let ourselves indulge even saying ‘we are eating for two’!  This is all well and good and being happy and eating healthily during pregnancy is the most important thing we can do for our baby but, after delivery, we must begin to address our weight gain and find again our confident self with the figure we are happy with.

The team at BubbaMama wants to know how did Fann Wong get back her fabulous figure?  We talk to Fann Wong about her journey from pregnancy through to mother-hood, during her confinement period and how Marie France Bodyline has helped her get back her fabulous figure:-

BM: What are the do’s and don’t’s you followed during pregnancy and confinement?

FW: I took on a 100 day confinement after giving birth to Zed. As I was breastfeeding him, I wanted to ensure that he gets all the nutrition he could, so I was eating a lot of nutritious food. I ate what was good for me to regain my health and I also reframed from all strenuous physical activity as I was nursing my c-section wound.

BM: What do you love about being a mother?

FW: To watch baby Zed grow day by day. Everyday spent with him is enjoyable and priceless. Watching him sleep, smelling his baby scent, seeing him smile and playing with him. I learn more about him everyday. It gives me a lot of satisfaction.

BM: As an actress, you’ve taken on  many roles. How did you prepare for this new role as a mother?

FW: I have been speaking to many experienced mums, learning from their experience as well as reading books on motherhood.

BM: How has it been juggling your career and motherhood?

FW: It has been smooth sailing so far. I think it is important to have a supportive family who is able to take care of Zed on days I have filming.

BM: Many mommies “lose themselves” after having kids. How do you stay sane and learn to appreciate yourself as an individual without forgetting your other roles?

FW: Right now, I am reveling in being a new mum but my job as an actress is a daily reminder for me that there are multiple roles in life that a woman has to play. Motherhood is just one facet of womanhood and I am so thankful to be able to embrace the joy and richness in life.

BM: How has Marie France Bodyline helped with getting back your post-pregnancy figure?

FW: During my pregnancy I had gained more than 16kg and weighed a hefty 70kg. After the delivery of Zed, I experienced water retention, loss of skin elasticity, bulging hips and tummy. Marie France Bodyline customized a 3-phase slimming program for me that takes into consideration that I had a C-section, was breast feeding, my eating habits and areas of concern I have with my body. The customized treatments not only assisted with overall body contouring in a healthy manner, but it also improves skin texture and firms the skin. Right now, I am feeling energized and extremely happy.

BM: How often do you go for treatments at Marie France Bodyline?

FW: During the first 3 weeks, I visited Marie France Bodyline 5 times a week. My therapist ensured that my treatments were on a low setting during this period as I was nursing my C-Section wound. This also allowed me to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the initial phase of my treatments. Following that, I had treatments 3 times a week for the next 5 weeks and reduced the frequency to once a week in the last 2 weeks as I started filming.

Fann’s customized 3-Phase Post-Natal Slimming Program:-

PRO-FREEZE is a treatment that uses fat-freezing technology to safely ‘freeze’ away the fat bulges without the need for incisions, anesthesia or surgery. With target cooling, the fat is safely chilled to ‘kill’ the fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues.

Painless and non-invasive, Marie France Bodyline’s Indiba® BodyCurve System uses a patented technology named Proionic® System to shape and tone the body by revitalizing it from within; targeting the source of the “fat” problem – the cells.

With this series of treatments put in place for Fann, the proud Mommy is now a svelte 54kg; shedding 16kg and she lost a total of 29 inches in just 2.5 months! Fann’s newfound figure is a celebration of her successful slimming journey with Marie France Bodyline.

Customized 3-Phase Post-Natal Journey

The 3-Phase Post-Natal Program that Fann went through to help her achieve an enviable toned, healthy, slender-looking figure. Each phase has specific treatments to provide specific functions and benefits.

Revitalize – The first phase consists of a series of 4 treatments, specially customized to detoxify while improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and water retention.

Stimulate – Phase 2 targets fat loss in stubborn areas and helps to redefine body contours. Skin texture is improved with a collagen boost that reduces unsightly stretch marks instantly.

Redefine – The final phase of the holistic approach focuses on accentuating body curves and firmness of the skin. It also helps to improve skin texture and boost radiance.

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