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Thoughts on Food : New F&B

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We are always more than happy to be presented with some new yummy goodies, healthy snacks, wholesome foods and refreshing drinks…here’s a round up of what we have been putting to the tried and tasted test this last month.

The Heritage Croissant at Délifrance

We knew this croissant was going to be good when we saw that it had been presented with the ‘three Golden Star award’ for Superior Taste 2013 by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels.  Of course, we had to give it a taste to be sure it lived up to such high praise…

Our Editor, Clare gives her thoughts on The Heritage Croissant at Délifrance?

I opted to try the natural croissant first and was impressed with the golden colour as well as the texture…a perfect croissant for me should leave just the right amount of crumbs and flakes on the plate yet not be too buttery that it sticks to my fingers(!) and The Heritage Croissant is all of these. I also tasted one of the prepared croissants and, my indulgent self took the ‘hazelnut chocolate with almond flakes’ croissant…simply delicious and I know bubba will love this one too!  I’m personally not much into the savory flavors but my hubby tells me the Almond Poulet is good and would make a nice change from his usual lunchtime noodles“.

The Heritage Croissant at Délifrance is made using top quality French ingredients such as finely milled premium wheat flour, fresh butter from Brittany and Label Rouge eggs (eggs laid by hens reared on 100% plant-based feed, minerals and vitamins.)

The Heritage Croissant is served up in two savory flavors – Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham ($7.50) and Almond Poulet ($7.50) and, for a limited time, The Heritage Croissant can be a perfect treat too – Cream Cheese with Strawberry Toppings ($3.90) and Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond Flakes ($3.90).

Now until 28 February, The Heritage Croissant is priced at $2.50 per piece. From 1 March onwards, The Heritage Croissant will be priced at $2.90 per piece or $8.90 for a pack of four.

Single Slices of Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes @ The Geek Café

Our Bubba, Elliott’s most favourite sweet treat of all just has to be the cheesecake in (pretty much) any flavor, so when we found out that we could treat him to a perfect cheesecake from Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes without the need to purchase a full cake, we knew his little face would be smiling (and drooling)…yummm!  What’s more, we can take a five minute coffee break while Bubba enjoys his slice of cheesecake too.

The Geek Café will offer the 11 permanent varieties of the Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes (all except the King Cat of the Mountain cheesecake) ranging from fruity concoctions to alcohol-infused flavors (no alcohol for bubba!).  The cheesecakes are baked fresh daily and contain no additives and artificial coloring preservatives.

The Cat & the Fiddle consumers who order their cheesecakes online will also be able to pick up their purchases from The Geek Café and stop by for a coffee!

The Geek Café will be serving up single slices of Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes at:-

01-644 Marine Parade Promenade, 
81 Marine Parade Central, Singapore

To purchase Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes online, visit Cat & the Fiddle online

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Our homemade soup using Ms Pamela Phua’s recipe : Freshen Food

Freshen Food Home-Style Soups

There really is nothing more comforting than a nice bowl of soup, remember back in the days when Mama spent her time in the kitchen cooking up a wonderful homemade soup.  Ah, those days, happy memories hey?  These days, we are so busy in our lives that the day never seems long enough, particularly for slaving away in the kitchen over the hot stove.  So, when we discovered these Traditional Double-Boiled Soups that are ready in minutes from Freshen Food, we knew we had found a gem.  Choose from Freshen Food’s debut flavors of Lotus Root & Peanut Chicken Soup (with Red Date & Wolfberry) ($6.95) or Carrot & Potato Chicken Soup (with Onion) ($5.95).  Ms Pamela Phua, Founder of Freshen Group, grew a love for soups in her childhood and tells us; “I wanted to bring the nourishing goodness of double-boiled soup to busy urbanites, without the hassle of peeling, skinning, slicing and dicing, and laboring over the stove for hours”.  Having tasted these soups, we have to say that they will make the perfect supper dish after a grueling day in the office, when only the most comforting of meals will satisfy!  For such a good price and so convenient, it’s time to stock the shelves with packs of nourishing goodness.


Luxurious JWEL Ice Creams

Ice Cream treats befitting Royalty!  With names like The Duke of Vanilla, The Countess of Tiramisu, The Duchess of Double Chocolate, The Baron of Black Forest and The Earl of Carmel, this Empire of Ice Cream has us spoilt for choices. Share the regal goodness of JWEL ice cream with your loved ones in the all-new JWEL Multipack of six sticks and take the taste test to see exactly which role you take in the Ice Cream Empire.  Choose; Double Chocolate (x6), Vanilla and Caramel (x3 sticks each) or Tiramisu and Black Forest (x3 sticks each).  These multipacks of six sticks are now priced at just $10.90 (previously priced at $9.80 for four sticks).

What we like; well Bubba number one always chooses vanilla for his ice cream treat so it came has no surprise that The Duke of Vanilla stick was his first choice (creamy vanilla ice cream surrounded by a thick chocolate coating), closely followed by The Earl of Caramel (a thick chocolate coating followed by a layer of caramel with creamy vanilla ice cream at the centre) but he would have to battle it out with his brother here for this one.  Our Editor loves all things chocolatey so, she did like The Duchess of Double Chocolate, but her absolute favourite is The Baron of Black Forest – perfectly chocolately with a full on black forest taste too.

Nutri Tea

F&N Nutri Tea Beverage

In our Editor, Clare’s household, the fridge is usually stocked with orange juice, grapefruit juice and milk with the odd can of 100+ for those really dehydrated times so, when she was given these F&N Nutri Teas the kids were more interested in the dry ice than the actual cartons BUT…after the dry ice had evaporated, Clare asked her Bubbas to give the F&N Nutri Tea a try.  When Bubba number one tried the Barley, he was pleasantly surprised and really did finish the full glass (smiles all around from him).  Bubba number two is always a little more difficult to please but the Lemongrass with Ginger went down extremely well with him ‘insisting’ “Mum, you have to buy more of this!”  So when something tastes so good, can it really be good for you?  The answer, as far as F&N Nutri Tea is concerned is ‘Yes’!  Helping the body to maintain it’s natural balance, particularly during and after the festive feasting, is made so easy and the symptoms of ‘heatiness’ are addressed and managed.

F&N Nutri Tea comes in four great flavours; Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane, Barley, Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry and Lemongrass with Ginger.  A 1-litre pack is priced at S$2.05 and the handy lunch-box-size packs are priced at S$1.40.

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Spider-Man Swings into BreadTalk

Ever popular Super Hero, Spider-Man is swinging into BreakTalk with exclusive cakes and brioche buns right now.  Quirky designs and delicious flavors will be a hit with every Bubba, either for a sweet treat and afternoon snack in the shape of these buttery brioche buns or for celebration cakes fit for any party time.

Amazing Chiffon ($8.80) features Spider-Man’s web around an airy-light and fluffy vanilla chiffon cake.

Power Up brioche buns ($1.90 pc) are available in two different glaze choices; white and dark chocolate.

Super-Hero cake ($38.80) is a soft genoise sponge with a generous filling of cocktail fruits and then coated in chocolate icing.

Net The World cake ($45.80) offers praline walnut and chocolate cream between layers of chocolate almond sponge cake covered in a chocolate glaze and crowned with fresh strawberry slices.

NOTE: Spider-Man products are at BreadTalk for a limited time only – until 30th January 2015

Freshen Food Home-Style Soups are now available at:-
Kee Song Online 
NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra
The range will soon be available at:-
The Butcher's Dog (Great World City B2-11)
Four Seasons Gourmet Market (Marina Bay Link Mall B2-49)
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