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How fast can I pop Wolfberries

It’s TGIF and it’s time for snacking! I’ve been dieting the whole week and it’s driving me nuts (also my will power today is just not strong enough) and so I finally succumb to my other love, dark chocolate. I opened a pack of Choc Goji earlier and I am so totally loving it for its taste and its goodness. I wish I can pour the whole pack into my mouth and wash it down with my lemongrass tea but I had to stop myself from doing that, its so totally unladylike! LoL!

Choc Goji is sugar free so it’s easy on the waistline and its Wolfberry has 15x more than anti oxidants than cranberries & 50x more vitamin c than orange.

Verdict: This is gonna be my diet snack for a really long time. 😉

Thanx to my colleague Joy for parting with one pack for me to try. Thanks lubs!

Where to get it: Cold storage, Cheers, Guardian, NTUC and SPC.

Price: about $3.95

Other Flavours available: Milk  Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

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