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How to be Camera Ready



Bring on the Paparazzi with True Bright™, Skin Brightening Supplement by Ceramiracle®.

With the convenience of smart phones, it is always good to be camera ready either for a selfie with our bubbas, family or friends. No amount of editing can help if our skin is not camera ready – dull looking.

True Bright™, Skin Brightening Supplement by Ceramiracle® is our answer to camera ready skin. The homegrown award-winning nutricosmetics brand Ceramiracle is now based in California, USA and has their research and development laboratory there. The True Bright™ Skin Brightening Supplement is taken once a day and helps to maintain radiant looking skin.


Formulated using a proprietary botanical complex comprising of sakura extract, colourless carotenoids from tomato, olive hydroxytyrosol and other synergistic ingredients, these phytonutrients in the True Bright™ Skin Brightening Supplement can help one achieve clearer brighter skin, even skin tone, reduce pigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Key ingredients in the True Bright™ Skin Brightening Supplement are backed by clinical research studies and user trials:

  • Sakura Flower – clinically shown to lower advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), boost collagen levels and keep skin firm, smooth and soft;
  • Olive Leaf – contains hydroxytyrosol which is a powerful antioxidant known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Colourless Carotenoids – help to brighten and even skin tone by direct inhibition of melanin synthesis;
  • L-cysteine and Vitamin C – clinically proven to enhance hydroxytyrosol’s inhibitory melanin production effect.


1 capsule of True Bright Skin™ Brightening Supplement daily, preferably in the day after food.

True Bright™ Skin Brightening Supplement is encapsulated in the USA and distributed in Asia by Tel Eight Pte Ltd, it is available on ceramiracle.com, Watsons and Amazon and retails at S$109/bottle (30 capsules) for a month. Click HERE to buy on Amazon.

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Comments 13

  1. Lyn Lee says:

    I didn’t know sakura extract has skin brightening properties, interesting!

  2. Phoebe says:

    Didnt try supplement for skin brightening before. Something new for me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks quite nice and something to try out as never took any supplements for skin brightening.

  4. Michelle says:

    Sounds like something I would need. But it’s not cheap!

    • says:

      It is not cheap because it is 1 pill instead of 3 in a day and it has everything our skin needs.

  5. Debs G says:

    Wow, is this the latest skin craze? I wonder what sort of testing this pill has gone through.

  6. Is True Bright applicable for guys too? I can definitely look ‘better’ in photos ????

    Cheers, Andy

  7. Ai Sakura says:

    I love sakura and didn’t know that about it too.. more reason to eat more sakura desserts! hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. Shub says:

    Wow, looks interesting! Would like to try it out. Easy way to achieve better skin.

  9. David Sim says:

    Thanks for sharing about this product. If I do come across anyone who’s keen I’ll refer to this post.

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