How to win a Philips Blender and Making a stand for Healthy Living at the same time!

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All my friends know me as someone who will take a stand for healthy living in an effort to stay young and beautiful. A few months ago, I came across the Philips ‘+’ project and I was very impressed by what they have done in Thailand and Indonesia by making a difference by promoting healthy living in these countries.

The ‘+’ Project

Through The ‘+’ Project, Philips is underscoring their commitment to helping the local community by working with them and other stakeholders, combining their expertise, innovation technology, and funding to face and address health and well-being of challenges in Singapore.

The ‘+’ Project is currently polling the results for the best idea to help Singaporeans live better, healthier and more meaningful lives. We can all make this change happen by voting at, simply by following the instructions (remember to insert “bubbamama” next to your name at the end of the survey):

Step 1: Click here to vote

Take the survey at

Step 2: Vote for your favourite idea

Vote for your favourite idea

Step 3: Don’t forget to include my blog URL “”- shown in the pic below- next to your name when you fill out your particulars after you vote- at the last page.

Insert next to your name

Step 4: Post your comment on your vote in this blog.

You stand to win a Philips blender by telling me why you pick the idea

You stand to win a Philips blender worth $169, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Imagine all the yummy smoothies and healthy snacks you can make with this blender and the $10, 000 cash prizes to be won!!! Quick vote now!!!

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21 thoughts on “How to win a Philips Blender and Making a stand for Healthy Living at the same time!

  1. I chose Healthier Schools Brighter Kids because it seems to be the idea with greatest impact on Singapore and our future. I believe that children are Singapore’s future and a good healthy learning environment will prepare them much better for the future. Environment can make or break a person, so healthy environment is very important. Plus prevention is better than cure, so what better place than to start with education for kids. =)

  2. I think healthy living encompass healthy attitude towards body and mind. Cultivating our young especially between 1 to 6, to positive thinking is important so they will grow to be responsible and resilient adults. A shining example for their children when their time to be parents.

  3. Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids is my choice – habits and character start young, by giving the young generation a healthy environment to thrive and learn, they will grow up stronger, more ready to take on the world!

  4. I voted for ‘Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids’, as it is important to inculcate the importance of a good life balance from young. Schools, parents and the government are placing too much importance on the paper and money chase, which has – not coincidentally – also resulted Singapore being ranked the most emotionless society IN THE WORLD.

  5. hello.!! i chose heart matters. i believe all are just as important but i have not much knowledge in heart matters like cpr and all.. so it would be nice to learn. =)

  6. I voted for ‘Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids’ – education is very important. children are Singapore future. Healthy environment can make a better person.

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