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Pee-Ka-Poo: Choosing Diapers Is Now A Child’s Play


Choosing the right diapers is a relatively easy task – and it should be! With the wide range of diaper brands in the market, how can parents select the best fit and comfort for their child? Choosing diapers can actually be a child’s play, believe it or not. To get the ball rolling, let’s address some common myths and theories.

#1 You should choose cheaper diapers to save costs

False! Are you one of the parents to choose diapers based on price per piece alone? Ironically, buying cheaper diapers often may lead to higher costs incurred in the long run, since they need to be changed more often. Most of the times, new parents do not register the ‘spend more to save more’ concept. This may be one of the more underrated advice every first-time parent should know.

#2 The thicker the diaper, the more absorbent it is.

Also false! You can’t just tell how absorbent a diaper is by how thick or thin it looks. Contrary to popular belief, the thicker the diaper, the poorer the permeability! That means diaper rash is more likely to occur. Choosing diapers is a subjective process based on your baby’s body and needs. Hence, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not work as well as one imagines.

Pee-Ka-Poo: The Brainchild of Two Super-Dads

Two daddy-entrepreneurs unlocked the holy grail of diapers selection for parents. Jaz and Andrew were first-time fathers when they realised the pain points all parents have to go through when it comes to choosing diapers. In actuality, choosing diapers should be an effortless process even for first-time parents. 

Determined to shake up the traditional mindset of diapers selection, this spurred them into founding a homegrown diaper and baby product – Pee-Ka-Poo. We’re fortunate to have Jaz and Andrew share with us the general rule-of-thumb that parents should follow when choosing diapers.

1. Consider diaper costs based on ‘actual money spent’ than the price per piece.

If a diaper is expensive, there must be a reason why. (Think: Myth #1) Budget Babe says it all! Material, fit, absorbent rate all play a part in the final cost of the diapers.

2. Reconsider diaper products recommended by the hospitals.

One can never go wrong with hospital recommendations. While that is a general consensus, the products are sponsored most of the times and this may not necessarily mean that the product is the best. #DYOR! Parents are advised to do your own research to find out the other alternative products that are offered in the market.  

3. Speed of absorbency is as important as how much the diaper can absorb.

Less urine comes into contact with your baby’s skin with a higher absorbency rate. Little did you know that there is actually is a 6-step test to determine if a diaper is worth spending money on in the long haul. We’ll let this video do the talking.

Taking the Lead in the Young Parents’ Community

Forget the long struggles as parents in finding a local brand that listens to your needs. Pee-Ka-Poo establishes its ground-up approach to create products that its customers truly want. The founders tell us that customers often reach out to them either via Facebook Messager or WhatsApp – not only to feedback the diaper products but also ask for advice and tips.

Making Parenting Easier

Founding Pee-Ka-Poo, in a sense, is for Jaz and Andrew to make it a point that parenting ought to be easier than one imagines With high-performing, quality baby products and an unparallel customer-first dedication, Pee-Ka-Poo is seeing its efforts pay off through tried-and-tested testimonials of real people.



Understanding Deep-Rooted Needs Through Data

Jaz and Andrew are working hard to launch a Pee-Ka-Poo mobile app that provides suggestions to customers based on their data collection. Pee-Ka-Poo aims to grow a community that lends peer support and educational tools to cater to the next batch of digitally-savvy parents. Stay tuned to their social pages to get the latest updates!

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