Study Shows Music Lessons Can Boost A Child’s Academic Performance

Music may not be the answer to all the problems in the world, but it looks like music lessons can help with your child’s studies at school, according to a study conducted by the VU University of Amsterdam. The study results showed that children who were exposed to music lessons over a period of 2.5 […]

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Discover Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHIROPRACTIC AND PHYSIOTHERAPY As our modern society grows at a breakneck speed, more individuals are forced to lead busy lifestyles in hectic environments – even the younger generations are not spared! While more professionals are spending extended hours in front of their computers to accommodate employers’ increasing demands, our […]

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Postnatal Hair loss and Maintaining Healthy Hair

UNDERSTAND THE REASONS BEHIND HAIR LOSS ISSUES AND HELP IN MAINTAINING HEALTHY HAIR Postnatal hair loss can be a worrying and rather depressing time for Moms.  Understanding this type of hair loss and knowing how to promote and maintain healthy hair can quickly see the hair cycle stabilised. Postnatal Hair Loss Facts:- Following childbirth, the […]

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