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Raymond Lam Fung Graces Ernest Borel Store Opening



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Are you a hopeless romantic? No matter what race, age or gender, everyone definitely enjoy a romantic love story. With a trademark logo featuring the silhouette of a couple, Ernest Borel has established itself as a brand filled with romance and elegance, bringing timeless elegant sentiments to couples over the years with their romantic couple timepieces. Now, this traditional spirit of romance is showing its presence in Singapore , with the opening of the first Ernest Borel stand-alone boutique at Chinatown Point.

BubbaMama was invited to witness the opening ceremony of the Ernest Borel Boutique held on 18th July 2013. Asia Pacific’s ambassador for the brand, Raymond Lam Fung (Hong Kong Actor and Singer) was present to grace the event. For the benefit of those who do not know who Raymond Lam Fung is, here is his short bio-data. Raymond who found fame in Hong Kong as a singer and actor is also very popular in China. He is signed as an artiste and singer under TVB and EEG Music Plus label respectively. He has acted in many TV dramas and Hong Kong movies; and has released 8 music albums and held 4 major concerts till date.

BubbaMama had the opportunity to interview Raymond Lam Fung and we must say that we were completely charmed (definitely mesmerized) by his genuine smile, polite demeanour, honest replies and of course his boyish handsome outlook!

1)    What 3 words would you use to describe Ernest Borel?

RLF: Romance, Smart and Elegant

2)    What does “Romance” means to you?

RLF: Romance needs time, it can be a short spontaneous fluttering feeling but time flows as quietly as everlasting romance. I believe everyone must have romance but romance is not just between lovers, to me you can have romance with your family too.

3)    What do you like about Ernest Borel watches?

RLF: There are many different collections and in each collection many different designs too. There are casual, smart, formal and even sporty designs which I can wear on different occasions, functions and events. I always am able to find a watch suitable for my mood or outfit.

4)    What do you think makes a Mother (or married woman) really attractive?

RLF pauses to think for a moment and then asks if he can answer this question in Mandarin.

RLF: 进得了厨房,出得了厅堂. Yes, to me an attractive Mummy must have this quality.

Translation – No direct translation but the idiom means that a woman must be able to cook well but yet look good out of the kitchen. In Chinese this signifies a virtuous and capable wife who effectively manages her family life but yet still able to maintain her beauty.

5)    Which Ernest Borel watch do you think is most suitable for a Mother (or married woman)?

RLF: I would most definitely pick this watch from the Romance Series III. The square face of the watch is very elegant and stylish. I think it suits a busy Mummy very well. This watch is also part of a couple timepiece range therefore Mummies can buy the male watch for their husbands too.

Romance Series III (Model No: GBR 1856SD-4599)
Romance Series III (Model No: GBR 1856SD-4599)

The Ernest Borel boutique is located at Chinatown Point, Unit 01-21. The collections cater for the medium to high-end markets, offering a wide range of watches. So, Mummies or Daddies, if you are looking for a gift for your other half that is perfectly fashionable and yet romantic; why not drop by the Ernest Borel boutique soon?

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