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Review: The Eyelet Junior Spectacles



Are your Bubbas very active, full of energy and filled with vigour? Are your Bubbas also short sighted and need to wear prescription glasses? Bespectacled kids should not let their eyewear get in the way of them enjoying energetic sports or just being active and jumping up and down. Eyelet Junior exclusively available at Nanyang Optical is designed specifically for active kids in mind.

“Stable on your face” is Eyelet Junior’s tagline and aptly so. The designers at Nanyang Optical observed many bespectacled kids before finally coming up with the perfect Eyelet Junior designs. Normal children eyewear may easily loosen and slide the child’s nosebridge, gets lopsided after vigorous usage and slanting of the eyeframe happens because children tend to take off their glasses with one hand. The Eyelet Junior on the other hand is designed to be perfectly well positioned to stay firm on the face. It is also well balanced for perfect vision. The eyelet junior frame is able to hold well on the face because the frame is made in “1-piece” without any soldering joints. The more soldering joints there are, the weaker the frame is. The metal bars of the frame are made of high tensile strength stainless steel so as to create reliable and constant springy effect  hence able to maintain a good grip on the wearer’s face.

Thanks to Nanyang Optical, one of writers’ 8 years old son (Issac) received a pair of Eyelet Junior recently. After wearing the eyelet for 2 weeks, Issac says that when doing sports his perspiration will not flow to the front of his spectacles and blur his vision. Whenever he plays tennis or runs for soccer, his eyelet frame grips much better and will not slide down his nose bridge. Issac is particularly happy that his eyelet frame is orange coloured which is his favourite colour.

The Eyelet Junior is definitely not the cheapest eyewear around but the advantages of these frames out-weigh the price factor. Do visit any Nanyang Optical outlet to test and trial the eyelet junior. The friendly opticians at Nanyang Optical will gladly help parents to understand good eye habits and explain how the eyelet junior can help your kids cope with myopia.

Visit nanyang.com.sg or eyeleteyewear.com for more information.


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