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Singapore Women ARE Confident in their OWN Skin




The CETAPHIL Skin Confidence Report is launched in celebration of CETAPHIL’s 30th anniversary in Singapore and is the concluding part of a research Survey conducted by an independent agency.

A total of 201 Singaporean women between the ages of 22 to 45 years were surveyed online in April 2014.  The research agency set out to identify the attitudes of the Singapore Woman towards skin health and how it empowers their confidence.  The findings were both surprising and heartening…

The Survey findings

First off, the Survey shattered the, often repeated, stereotype of the single-minded career-driven Singaporean female with the discovery that Singaporean women actually peg their confidence more to having good skin than financial success.


The report1And the surprises didn’t stop there…

  • 74% of women believe that good skin will help them land a job
  • 40% of Singaporean women believe that having good skin will get them better pay raises
  • Skin condition is one of the top 3 concerns women have alongside weight and health
  • 38% of women have not left their house when they have had a bad skin day
  • 96% of women use facial cleanser while on 52% use sun protection
  • 69% of Singaporean women believe they are beautiful
  • 86% of Singaporean women believe that others perceive them as confident
  • 1 in 4 Singaporean women are confident enough to go barefaced on their first date


All in all, the Survey and concluding Report can tell us that skin condition is a huge factor in the confidence of the Singapore Woman.

At the recent presentation of this Cetaphil Skin Confidence Report, we listened as Ms Yasmine Khater, a business and career coach and the Global Ambassador of The International Alliance for Women compared her perspectives on the psyche of women and confidence in Singapore against an international context…

Women who take care of themselves tend to look younger and feel more confident.  Their emotional and mental well-being is also significantly higher.  The greatest act of self-love is for a woman to allow herself to be pampered, because she believes she deserves it and acknowledges her positive qualities

What we find interesting and heartening to know is that the Cetaphil formula remains unchanged for more than 60 years.  Mr Jean-Sebastien Ricard, General Manager at Galderma Southeast Asia, told us of the quality commitment of Cetaphil.

Mr. Jean Sebastien Ricard

Cetaphil is committed to delivering quality skincare solutions to meet the evolving needs of consumers.  It has stood the test of time and remains the trusted and preferred brand for dermatologists since 1947

When new brands and new formulas are launched almost monthly in Singapore, it’s good to know that Cetaphil has stayed true to its roots and has simply not needed to change.  When a product is recommended by dermatologists, recommended by pediatricians and shared by friends, it really is a skincare must-have!  Choose a good thing.  Choose Cetaphil!


“Happy 30th Year in Singapore and we wish you many more to come!

Cetaphil is available at all leading pharmacies and retail outlets including Guardian, Watsons, Unity, Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, Robinsons Raffles City and John Little.

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