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SIX, Fragrance Inspired by Travel Destinations


“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ”   Christian Dior

While I’m not in the best position to argue for or against the words of the renowned French designer, my amateur olfactory senses (when it comes to fragrances) tells me this much – a good smell makes your day that much better.

Late last month, artisanal fine fragrance brand, SIX, debuted the first three of its six-variant collection. Inspired by the travel destinations of Singaporean Jason Lee, founder and fine fragrance creator of SIX, the three scents are specially formulated for the trendy, adventurous and soul searching individual, regardless of your gender.

Jason Lee, 32, founder and creator of SIX

The names of the three scents are conversation starters in themselves – from the New York inspired 123 Tribeca, the Borocay inspired 1724 Puka, to the Hokkaido inspired 27°F Biei, the names of these scents are conversational starters in themselves.

In the words of Jason Lee, “SIX reveals, re-enacts, and remakes immersive spaces through scents that capture the essence – in a bottle.”

123 Tribeca, The Edgy Urbanite

My favourite scent was the 123 Tribeca. The name came about from the 123 train that runs through the heart of Tribeca, an upscale residential area in the Big Apple. The scent is woody with a slight tinge of citrus musk, topped with cardamom and the fragrance of fir. It evokes an adventurous vibe that is both energetic and fast-paced.

27°F Biei

Beautifully calming and reassuring at once, the 27°F Biei is inspired by its namesake town, Biei, located in the Kamikawa district in Hokkaido. Like Furano, it is famous for its gently rolling hills of lavender and green tea. At 27° in the cold of winter, Biei transforms into a magical snow-covered wonderland. The scent is layered intricately – you’ll smell a white floral aroma, as well as coriander, jasmine, lavender, green tea, bergamot, and cedar. Altogether, the 27° Biei is a rather relaxing and tranquil smell to sooth your nerves after a long working day.

1724 Puka – The Sensual Romantic

Last but definitely not least, the 1724 Puka is inspired by one of the most beautiful beaches in the island of Borocay, Philippines, with 17:24 being the timing of the incredible sunsets. The zesty  citrus smell of the 1724 Puka, with its rhubarb top and a tinge of oakmoss, is sure to transport you back to your most romantic beach moment with your loved one.

The SIX fragrances are available in 20ml bottles at S$66, while a collectible gift box of three 3ml mini bottles retail for S$26 a set. They are available at Naiise concept stores located at Clarke Quay Central, Katong I12, Suntec City, Orchard Central, and Westgate.

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