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The Alternatives

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The Alternatives might sound like the name of an indie band (it probably is), but this article has nothing to do with music. What I’d like to share with you are alternatives to common solutions, such as steroid creams for eczema. While a single answer is given to a problem faced by many, such answers may bring about some side effects. Here, I’ve sourced out some simple and more gentle alternatives I hope you’ll find useful.

Theo10 Heat, Theo10 Skin
Theo10 Heat, Theo10 Skin

Theo10 Skin (18ml, S$5)

Alternative to: Steroid Cream, Pimple Cream, Moisturizer, Cream for Burns and Insect Bites, Relief for Nasal Congestion

When applied, this all-natural multi-purpose balm forms a thin protective layer over skin which promotes healing. As prolonged use of steroid creams made my skin sensitive, Bubba Emma and I now use Theo10 Skin instead, as a gentle moisturising alternative. Its antibacterial properties help keep our eczema under control too. This is so gentle, it can be even be used on babies as little as 3 months old!

Theo10 Heat (18ml, S$5)

Alternative to: Muscle Rub, Balm for Headache, Backache, Arthritis, Perk-me-up

This warming balm provides relief for muscle aches, headache and arthritis by numbing the area to alleviate pain and promote blood circulation. Instead of a burning feeling on the skin, this hug-in-a-pack warms up slowly and lasts for 8 hours. Using this as a perk-me-up keeps me awake for night feedings for 1-month-old Bubba Julia too. Do use this sparingly as you only need a small amount at a time. Simply layer on more, if needed.

I personally love how travel-friendly and handy Theo10 Skin and Theo10 Heat is, Mamas will never have to bring so many creams out for outings and holidays. Plus, these are made right here in Singapore. For more, check out their website. 

BioCair Pocket Spray

BioCair Pocket Spray

BioCair Pocket Spray (50ml, S$15.80)

Alternative to: General Disinfectant, Hand Sanitiser

Its neutral pH and alcohol-free formula is so gentle, you can even use it for babies and sensitive skin. Bubba dropped her spoon on the floor? Just a spritz and no washing required, that spoon is germ-free in 60 seconds! Despite having such a gentle formula, it has been proven to be more effective that alcohol-loaded sanitisers. For more on its germ-busting superpower and other information, check out their website.

Carrot White Chocolate
Carrot White Chocolate


Alternative to: Cakes

Cakes and pastries are available everywhere, but what makes Delcie’s different is their mission to take customization beyond a birthday message. The array of sweets and treats can cater to many with the dialectic-friendly, gluten-free and baby-friendly options. With the rising number of health concerns and allergies, Delcie’s provides a safer option for all. Orders can be made online for added convenience. For guilt-free desserts, visit website.

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Treasure Sands

Alternative to: Sugar

This naturally-derived sweetener is a dream come true for all, from diabetics to mommies trying to lose some baby weight, without compromising on taste. The zero-calorie Treasure Drop packs 300 drops in its purse-friendly bottle and each drops provides the sweetness of 2 teaspoons of sugar. That’s 9600 calories saved! Treasure Sands is a versatile sweetener which not only has 80% lesser calories than regular sugar, it is heat-stable as well, making it ideal for baking and cooking too. More on this diet-saver, visit website. Do stay tuned for low-calorie recipes.


Let’s eat healthy, live healthy and stay healthy with these alternatives!

Fellow mommies and daddies, if you have any alternatives or you’d simply like to say hello, please do comment below!

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