The Experts’ Choice at Guardian Health & Beauty Awards

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Right to left - Guardian CEO Sarah Boyd, Dr Ronnie Yap, Dr Gerald Tan, Wong Li-Lin and Eugene Ong during the Guardian Health & Beauty Awards 2015 Panel Discussion


The search for Singapore’s best-loved health and beauty products is finally over! Guardian Health & Beauty, Singapore’s oldest and most established health and beauty retailer has announced the winners of its annual health and beauty award.

Eight judges in the panel tested Singapore’s biggest health and beauty heroes and came to a conclusion with the “Experts Choice” of products.  While the consumer took to Guardian’s website to vote for their favourite products over 8 days in April.

We talked to the eight judges from the judging panel are prominent experts in their respective fields, here are some tips they shared with us.

“Be mindful and conscious of ingredients in the products you use.  Avoid products from origins or sources which might give you doubt when it comes to the safety of ingredients and assembly.” Wong Li-Lin, Media Personality, Lifestyle Health Advisor, Founder of Loopz

Be judicious – know your ingredients.

“Before purchasing a product, consumers should check out the ingredients and understand the product well. A simple tip which works for most – look out for haircare products with less silicon because this can weigh hair down and cause build up.” Eugene Ong, Managing Director, Urban Hair by Ginrich

“There is still a small percentage of people who are unaware of their dental conditions and suffer from the effects from Sodium sulfate – most common Chlorhexidune in mouth wash can cause teeth discoloration.  When buying mouthwash, look out for the ingredients.” Dr Gerald Tan, President of the Aesthetic Dentistry Society of Singapore; Founder and Clinical Director of Elite Dental Group

“Most Singaporeans have the misconception that soft toothbrushes are definitely better.  But it’s more advisable to improve on brushing technique.  It is important to make sure you can feel the bristle go under the gums.  Another way to improve and focus on technique is to switch to electric toothbrush.” Dr. Ronnie Yap, Cosmetic Dentist and Clinical Director

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