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Understanding that having beautiful skin is every woman’s dream, the founder of V10 plus serums Ms Akiko Yokota developed her own series of serums to cater to different skin needs. These serums are the world’s 1st Skin Supplement Concept which maybe the perfect skin solution to various skin problems such as oiliness, aging, dehydration and acne prone skin. V10 plus’s philosophy is “Beautiful Skin = Clean, Bright, Shining Skin even without any Make-Up!”

V10 plus currently has 10 different serums available to help women or men achieve beautiful flawless skin. The 10 in the V10 plus series means :

1)    No paraben

2)    No artificial colouring

3)    No mineral oil

4)    No chemical fragances

5)    Water based serums

6)    Customised serums for 10 different skin problems (hence 10 serums)

7)    Dermatologist tested

8)    Visible results in just 10 days

9)    Colour therapy from colourful bottles

10) Made in Japan

The best seller in the series is the V10 Plus Bio Cell Serum and it has won Nobel Prize ingredients in 1986 and 1996. Bio Cell is good for DNA repair, skin cells repair, anti wrinkle and prevention of melanin production. Another highly recommended product is the V10 plus Ceramide Serum which is also local Celebrity Actress Fann Wong’s personal favourite skin product. Ceramide Serum is perfect for dry and sensitive skin and helps improve the smoothness of the skin.

Our writer Mandy tried out the V10 Plus Collagen serum. This serum does not contain any plant or animal extract hence it is the most natural of all the serums in the series. Here’s what Mandy says about the collagen serum

Q: What do you like about the collagen serum?

M: I love the colour of the serum and the bottle! I am a colourful person and seeing colours makes me happy. I believe that being stress free and  happy first thing in the morning and just before I sleep helps me to maintain good and beautiful skin. The serum absorbs really quickly into my skin. I really think that this serum is very effective because my skin feels soft and dewy after application.

Q: Will you continue to use the collagen serum after you finish your first bottle?

M: Most definitely! In fact I am planning to try out the other serums available in the series. I am interested to try out their placenta serum and the vitamin C serum. I am concerned about the pigmentation and slightly open pores problems that I have. I am hoping that the placenta and Vitamin C serum can help me with those problems.

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