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Crunchy baked chicken strips in 30 minutes



You can make healthy and tasty chicken strips at home without the need to deep fry! You can assemble these and pop it in the oven for less than 30 minutes if you work fast. To make the strips more flavorful, use home made breadcrumbs instead of bought ones. The trick to make them extremely juicy is to soak them in a salt water bath overnight in the fridge and cook them the next day. You won’t believe how breast fillets can be so juicy. If you are pressed for time you can omit the salt bath it will still taste great. For the salt bath directions check out below. For those who so not like chicken fillets, you can use any cut of the chicken but make sure it is thin enough and boneless. This recipe is very forgiving.

5 chicken fillets
1 cup Plain flour
1tsp Salt (skip this if you have soaked the fillets in a salt bath)
1cup Bread crumbs (you can use Japanese panko or any breadcrumbs)
1 to 2 tsp Onion powder( adjust to your preference)
1 tsp paprika powder
1/2 tsp pepper
1 egg beaten
Olive oil


    Prepare 3 shallow dish. Place the beaten egg into one, the plain flour into another, and the panko into the third.
    Mix the onion powder, paprika, pepper and salt into the panko. Make sure it is evenly distributed.
    Cut the fillet into half if it is small or 3 strips if it is a big fillet.
    Prepare a dish to be placed in the oven. Alternatively you can just use a baking tray and line with aluminum or baking sheet. You should preheat your oven now to 195 degree.
    First roll the cut fillets in the flour, followed by the egg, then lastly the panko mix. Be generous with the panko and press into any wet areas. Place the coated strips on the tray you prepared earlier.
    After you are done, sprinkle some olive oil over the strips and bake in the oven for 15-20minutes. The strips should turn golden brown.


salt bath direction
To prepare the salt bath just mix 1/8 cup of salt for every 1 liter of water. Place the chicken into the salt bath, the level of the water should cover all of the chicken.
You can also use this salt bath to prepare a large roasting chicken by adding more salt water. The chicken will be very moist no matter how you choose to cook it!

additional tips! (Because I am awesome like that)
Instead of using paprika, you can use Parmesan cheese and make cheesy crunchy chicken strips. In fact you can just replace the paprika with any herb of your choice be it basil, oregano, garlic powder etc.

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