Cold Black Soybean Tau Kwa Soba Noodle with Black Sesame-Soy Broth

Sounds like quite a handeful, doesn’t it? Well, like the rest of the recipes, this one is can be served in no time. We’re using Unicurd’s Black Soybean Tau Kwa here to add a little more texture and flavour the usual cold soba. This recipe was created by Chef John See of The Food Dot. […]

Black Soybean Tau Kwa Slices with Shredded Smoked Duck

Here is the second recipe featuring Unicurd’s Black treasures. This is a great fusion salad of Black Soybean Tau Kwa and smoked duck. So easy to whip up, and so savoury! Vary this recipe by substituting the protein for some sliced chicken breast or whatever you might have in your refrigerator. This recipe was created […]

Black Soybean Tofu Fish Stew with Yam & Fish Sauce

Another alternative to a steamboat soup base, this version is less creamy, but it still tastes deliciously robust and it’ll get even better as steamboat night goes on. The fish stew uses both Unicurd’s Black Soybean Tofu and Black Soybean Tau Kwa. This recipe was created by Chef John See of The Food Dot. Serves: […]

Chilled Black Soybean Tofu with Spring Onion & Salted Egg

Unicurd’s newest goodies brings us to the third of these recipes. This is by far, the fastest and easiest cold appetizer to put together that I’ve come across. Get everything ready and this cool twist on the Japanese cold tofu will be done in ten minutes, tops! This recipe was created by Chef John See […]

Black Soybean Tofu Milk Soup with Tiger Prawn

This is first of seven recipes made with Unicurd’s newest product, Black Soybean Tofu. If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual soup for Chinese New Year, this is the one! Soup recipes made with tofu are incredibly creamy, yet so light on the palate. Feel free to skip the seasonings if you’d like […]