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Travel to OSIM Paradise with OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王)


OSIM uLove 2 Massages You with not one but TWO Masseurs!


Many of us mommies barely have any energy left after we are done with our mommy duties and the chores – it is a drudgery to even leave home to have our me-time. Having the OSIM uLove 2 at home is a luxury many mommies need as we can truly sit back and relax after we are done for the day – no fuss about making a masseur appointment at night and wasting time commuting to the massage parlour.


OSIM uSqueez Hand Hand Massager & Sabon Hand Scrub pampering our delicate hands at the launch.

We truly enjoyed the OSIM uLove Massage Chair and at the recent OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair (4手天王) launch, we were transported to OSIM PARADISE – OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair gave us DOUBLE the pampering, DOUBLE the luxury, DOUBLE the enjoyment and DOUBLE the results all within the same amount of time. Sounds to good to be true for a massage chair? We totally agree but if you’ve experienced what we had, you would so sing the same tune as us – some of us were put to bed 5 minutes into the massage on the OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair.


World’s first 4-hand Massage!

Unlike the conventional massage chairs with 2 hands, OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair uses the revolutionary 4-hand massage technology. The OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair uses 4 sets of powerful massage rollers which mimics 4 hands of 2 professional masseurs to work synchronously to knead (massage) our upper and lower body ALL at the same time!

Patented V-Hand with 720 degrees Roller Balls

The 720-degrees rollers balls rotate 360 degrees in both directions, rolling along every contour of our body, kneading the tight knots from the day’s fatigue away – pleasure and satisfaction to the next level at our own homes. Sitting on the OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair is like being massaged by 2 skilful masseurs – the intelligent V-Hand™ Massage emulates the skilful techniques and flexibility of a masseur’s hands to release the knotty tensions in our body.

uLove 2 Signature Suite


Owning an OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair is like having 2 masseurs at your back and call at home and it offers a signature suite of auto-massage programs that can be customised to cater to all our needs. The V-hand™ with 720 degrees roller balls massage can be used to customise a massage program that perfectly targets and eliminates our sore spots for a pleasurable experience. The OSIM uLove 2 massage chair is programmed with 8 different massage programs for different lifestyle needs for everyone in the family – from Sports massage program to ease muscle tension, Beauty massage program to tone and firm our body, Stretch massages program to loosen muscles and improve flexibility to Sleep massage program that relaxes the body and mind for a well-rested sleep. All you need to do is download new programs to your OSIM uLove 2 massage chair through the OSIM app.

3D Surround Sound Speakers


The OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) Massage Chair is equipped with 3D Surround Sound speaker to give the ultimate massage experience with a well-balanced and articulate audio augmented by a powerful bass. OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) original (and new) music can be downloaded via the OSIM app along with new massage programs using the smart feature of the OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) Massage Chair.


At the launch of OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair, we had first-hand experience with the OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) Massage Chair and got first-hand news that Andy Lau will be the OSIM ambassador for this 4手天王 Massage Chair. I wished we could bring home an OSIM uLove 2 chair and also get to meet Andy Lau in person!

The OSIM uLove 2 Massage Chair 4手天王 ($6,999) is exclusively available at all OSIM stores preview and www.OSIM.com.

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