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The Art of Healing: Custom Jewelry Meets Fashion

custom jewelry pieces from Covet Crystals

Long before the popularity of custom jewelry, crystals have been long reputed to possess incredible healing and revitalising powers. Quartz, the most abundant mineral on Earth, is purported to rebalance your energies. Its violet variant known as Amethyst is said to calm the mind, while  Rose Quartz opens up your heart chakra to let love in.

The meteoric rise in popularity worldwide of coloured stones jewelry is not only due to the changes in fashionable tastes but also to the growing attention to wellness and wellbeing.

Not only are these precious minerals pretty to look at, but they also boost powerful natural healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul. Their healing powers have been especially inviting in turbulent times to help transform negative energy and promote emotional and spiritual healing.

Introducing Covet Crystals Jewelry, a homegrown premium crystal healing jewelry label with an artistic difference. 

Custom Jewelry Singapore

Started in 2017 by Singaporean crystal jewelry artist Shu, Covet Crystals Jewelry fuses crystal healing with artistry.  

Artist Shu, a huge believer in the art of crystal healing and an avid fashionista, realized that there was a gap in the market for stylish crystal healing jewelry. Hence, she decided to put her Fine Arts education to good use and started creating custom jewelry using the highest quality of natural crystals and gemstones. 

A Unique Design Like No Other

Handcrafted with the highest quality of natural crystals and gemstones sourced globally by  Artist Shu herself, Covet Crystals Jewelry prioritizes the authenticity and quality of the crystals along with the artistry of its design. 

At Covet Crystals Jewelry, no two jewelry pieces are alike, just as how no two gemstones are alike. 

Each piece of custom jewelry is one-of-a-kind and designed with her client’s emotional and mental wellbeing in mind. 

In order to promote the flow of positive energy for physical and emotional benefits, every piece of crystal and gemstone selected has to harmonize with one another (like gentle products for sensitive skin). Not only do the final piece of the custom jewelry have to look visually appealing in its colour combination and design, but all the crystals and gemstones used are also of a vibration match – just like how the different voices in a choir have to come together to form one cohesive melodic tune.

Each piece can be customised for existing clients upon request via the Bespoke jewelry  Creation service to create a piece of bespoke Covet Crystals Jewelry tailored to enhance their emotional and mental wellbeing.

The Art of the Selection

Just like how stringing the different crystals together is an art form, selecting the right one is no easy task either. As symbolism and healing properties differ from each crystal, choosing the right crystal healing custom jewelry to bring one’s desired outcome can feel somewhat overwhelming. 

Covet Crystals Jewelry has simplified the selection process by categorizing its jewelry into three ranges – chakras, intentions, and gems. This ensures that its customers select crystal healing jewelry that is compatible with their emotional state and their desired outcome.  

Selection by Chakra

Chakras are invisible energy centres that govern our physical body, with each of the seven main chakras connecting to specific organs, glands and body system. Our chakras radiate energy vibrations as well as receive the energy of our environment, including the people we come in contact with.

In a well-balanced individual, all the chakras are aligned. But more often than not, one or more of our chakras are either too active or blocked. This imbalance of energies can therefore manifest as emotional or physical ailments that need pain relief.

To help customers achieve a state of balance within one’s self, Covet Crystals Jewelry boosts a  selection of custom jewelry targeted to help rebalance oneself by opening up the chakras that are misaligned. 

Selection by Intention

Have you ever wished you had more confidence or that you weren’t so easily stressed out?  Or perhaps you’re someone who is looking for love. 

Whatever your intention, Covet Crystals Jewelry provides an index of crystals to help manifest into your best self.

Selection by Specific Coloured Stones

For those well-versed in the symbolism and the healing benefits (like those of porcelain skincare ingredients) of the wide ranges of gems,  Covet Crystals Jewelry lets you filter through its wide collection of custom jewelry to locate the crystal healing jewelry you’re looking for.

Unique and Bestselling Picks from Covet Crystals Jewelry 

Discover the bestselling Covet Crystals Jewelry pieces that feature stones lauded for their unique designs and spiritual qualities:

Jade Supreme, $459

Known for its use in skincare (who haven’t heard of a jade roller?), jade is a protective and nurturing stone that brings the wearer harmony, balance, wisdom and tranquility. It stabilizes personality and promotes self-sufficiency.

Mother Reissue, $309

Mother Reissue is a special piece thoughtfully created to pay tribute to all moms, including  Artist Shu’s late mom.  

Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone and is especially helpful during times of stress, confusion or grief. It encourages happiness, brings good fortune and fosters wise decision making. 

Rose quartz is a powerful healing crystal. Its soft, gentle, almost pastel pale pink colouring is a good indication of its most commonly known property: that of pure love. It’s a stone of both giving and receiving love.

Howlite helps to calm the overactive mind and the entire body. It releases muscle tension and can help to eliminate pain brought on by stress. It is helpful in reducing anxiety,  depression and encourages emotional expression.

Tridacna helps to stabilize the mood while clearing worry out of the mind. This helps to balance the mind and emotions which will help to prevent or soothe stress.

Amazonite & Madagascar Rose Quartz, $399

A stone of unconditional love, Madagascar  Rose Quartz opens our hearts to all kinds of love. It lowers stress, clears out anger and allows healing of all heart issues. 

Amazonite is a chakra balancing and energy healing stone. It’s a stone of courage and truth that dispels negativity and aggravation, and aids in promoting communication and feelings of harmony.

Exotic Series: A new luxury stone from the stars

The ultra-rare and authentic Meteorite stone is both visually stunning and mystifying, making it a great conversation piece as well as a luxury accessory.

Meteorites are pieces of debris from outer space that sometimes fall into the earth. They are valued for their natural patterns, and when polished, the resulting crystalline pattern on the surface of the meteorite is very distinct and unique, and an indication that the material is of extra-terrestrial origin.

Meteorite Bracelet, from $269

Crafted in rare meteorite, the celestial-inspired custom jewelry is fused with high energy from outer space facilitating inner vision and transformation. A unique and powerful material, the healing energy is known to increase vitality, the manifestation of dreams, enhance stamina, repel negative energy and attract abundance.

A Premium Choice in Jewelry Singapore

Covet Crystals Jewelry is available exclusively at www.covetcrystals.com.

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