Benetint to a Natural Look Blush


SuperLiciousI should thank my GF Joanna who got me my first benetint by Benefit 12 years ago.  Benefit is a New York cosmetic brand was not available in Singapore when I fell in love with benetint *I sound like I fell for a Benedict*- I used it up so fast and Joanna would buy them for me each time she visited NYC.  How can I not fall in love with it, natural glowing cheeks were the hip thing then and benetint was the dummies’ blusher- just brush 2 or 3 strokes on the apple of the cheeks and blend with fingertip (sometimes I pretended to be a red Indian before I blended the tint).

Worn on its own, benetint has a very natural blush and it can also be used as a ‘foundation’ for blusher or lip color to ‘pop’.  I strongly recommend benetint to other mothers (like me) who have only 5-10 minutes for makeup (we still need to look our best for candid photo moments with our bubbas).

Ever since Benefit came to Singapore, I didn’t have to trouble Joanna to help me to get it but another GF Cathy ( was sweet enough to buy me the SUGARlicious set (so that I can bring the miniature benetint in my MAKEUP pouch).  HOW AWESOME to have GFs like her!!!

LADIES, don’t wait for a GF to get a Benetint for you, go get one for yourself and you could also leave home with that healthy looking blush without looking so made up (and you don’t need to pinch your cheeks for that natural blush ever again!).

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