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Bubbamama is always on the look out for new and exciting activities to share with you.  Not just for the kids but something that the whole family will experience and enjoy together.  We were recently invited to put iFly Singapore to the test.  Could an iFly experience be a Bubbamama activity to add to our list?

We sent our writer Clare Victoria along with her two boys, Ed (age 12 years) and Elli (age 10 years), to try it out for us.  Before they geared up we asked them what they were thinking about their upcoming iFly experience:-

Ed: I was so excited to try out iFly.  On the morning we arrived to check into our flight, I was a bit nervous but while Victor Zion, our trainer, was explaining what we would do and what it would be like inside the wind tunnel, I knew we would be safe and it would be lots of fun.

Elli:  The last time we visited Sentosa, we watched people in the iFly wind tunnel from the viewing platform, I thought it looked awesome but never dreamed I would get to try it out for myself.  We sat in on the safety and training talk and then I couldn’t wait to get on my flight gear, I was so excited!

Clare: As crazy as it may sound, I have always wanted to try a ‘real’ sky dive but it’s one opportunity that doesn’t come around so often!  Having the opportunity to experience iFly really is amazing.


So, after the flight, what do our bubbas and mama say about iFly Singapore:-

Ed: Wow, that was brilliant!  I want to go again!  On my second flight, Vincent helped me to turn from left to right, I’d love to keep coming to iFly it to get better and better.

Elli: That was awesome!  I was a bit nervous waiting for my turn to fly but, as soon as I got inside the wind tunnel and felt the wind blowing and realised I was really flying, I couldn’t believe how good it was.  I was so excited for my second flight and never wanted it to end.  I can’t wait to come again.

Clare: The whole experience of iFly was wonderful.  I never imagined that it would actually feel like I was flying!  Of course, seeing my boys have so much fun was fabulous, if they want to come to iFly Singapore again then I’ll certainly be joining them.

Clare and her boys took the The Challenge skydive package that gives each person 2 skydives and is priced from S$70 – S$90 (kids) and S$70 – S$99 (adults) [prices depend on time of flight due to super off-peak, off-peak and normal hours].  For more pricing info contact iflysingapore.com

ABOUT iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore is located at Silos Beach on Sentosa.  A first-of-its-kind for Singapore, the state-of-the-art wind tunnel allows anyone from first time flyers, to professional skydivers, the opportunity to fly in an easily accessible, realistic, safe and affordable setting.  At a height of 56.5ft with a diameter of 16.5ft, iFly Singapore can accommodate up to 20 professional flyers at any one time.  iFly Singapore was spearheaded by founder and managing director, Mr Lawrence Koh and was designed and built in conjunction with Sky Venture USA

for more information on iFly Singapore, please log on to iflysingapore.com


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